MACPASS Natal Day Fireworks; MacDonald Bridge; Halifax

MACPASS Natal Day Fireworks; MacDonald Bridge; Halifax


Canada Post recently announced the possibility of a legal work disruption. Should this occur, Canada Post mail delivery will cease, and mail will not be delivered to the municipality, no new items will be accepted from the municipality, and any mail and parcels within the postal system during a work disruption will be secured and delivered as quickly as possible once operations resume. HRM is ready to ensure business continuity during any disruption to postal service.

In the event of a strike, citizens and businesses should not send any payments, grant applications or other correspondence through Canada Post. However, the municipality must still receive outstanding payments for all matters by the due date through alternate methods including telephone/on-line banking or in person at one of the five Customer Service Centres:

  • Acadia Centre in Sackville
  • Alderney Gate in Dartmouth
  • Bayers Road or
  • Scotia Square in Halifax
  • and in Musquodoboit Harbour

Visit for the complete civic addresses of the above-noted Customer Service Centres. Prioritized communications and packages will be sent from the municipality to citizens and businesses through alternate and cost-effective means, including but not limited to:

  • secure e-mail
  • telephone
  • fax
  • and courier.

HRM will provide a service to deliver and attain signatures for correspondence and notifications which are required by law to be registered. Regular updates on the effect of any postal service disruptions will be shared through and on Twitter @hfxgov.

HRM thanks residents and businesses for their continued cooperation with respect to this matter.


Get your property tax epost-ebill online.

HRM has teamed up with epost—Canada Post’s safe, secure, and free way to receive your property tax bill, along with other bills and statements like Halifax Water, your assessment notice, phone, cable, credit cards and more—all in one secure place at:





Pay your property tax bill through online banking. For your convenience the following financial institutions are now offering this service through their respective websites:

  • Credit Union Atlantic
  • BMO (Bank of Montreal)
  • Royal Bank
  • Scotiabank (Bank of Nova Scotia)
  • TD Canada Trust
  • ING
  • CIBC
  • HSBC
  • Credit Union Central
  • and President’s Choice Financial.

If you have a payment posting inquiry, questions, or comments you may phone 311 or 1-800-835-6428 (Nova Scotia residents only) or you may e-mail HRM payments to

For details, go to:

Please note that HRM does not accept credit card payment for taxes.


There will be a mobile Household Special Waste (HSW) Depot at the Duncan MacMillan High School parking lot on Saturday, Sept. 10th from 9AM – 4PM. For a complete list of items that can be accepted, please refer to:


I am obligated by judicial process not to make public commentary on this subject until the final HRM staff report and subsequent Public Hearing is held on a proposed C&D processing facility on Highway #7 between Lake Echo and Porters Lake. For details on this file please refer to:

As Councillor I must make sure that this process is deemed to be fair and impartial for all. If not, any decision for or against that is rendered by the Harbour East—Marine Drive Community Council could be appealed to the Courts.

Anyone campaigning on this issue may do so but at the peril of the community. Anyone with a bias or expressed opinion would be seen as having a preconceived prejudicial disposition that would disqualify one from making a decision on the matter, which would truly be a disservice to the area.

Some folks are wondering why some Councillors are speaking out against projects such as Pits & Quarries. Those proposals are subject to Provincial regulations and not to municipal zoning guidelines; therefore they can express their opposition in support of their local concerns.

When the time comes to make a decision on this C&D proposal it must be done in a way that is above reproach.


Residents installing a deck or accessory building on their property are required to obtain a permit.  A Building Permit is required to construct an accessory building (Shed or Garage) that is larger than 215 square feet. If the building floor space is less than that, the requirements of the local Land Use By-law governing location on the property and the height of the building are still applicable, and a Development Permit is required.

If there is a watercourse on the property a riparian buffer separation from the building is also required. The permit fee to construct an accessory building is based on the size of the structure at a rate of 10 cents per square foot.

The permit fee to construct a deck is based on $5.50 per $1,000 of the estimated value of your project with a minimum fee of $25. A Development Permit fee of $25 also applies. Depending on the complexity of your project, additional fees may be required. Please consult the HRM Fees Schedule at

A mandatory inspection is required. To schedule an inspection, please call 902-490-7097. To make an application for a permit you must apply in person at one of our Municipal Customer Service Centres:

  • 7071 Bayers Road, Halifax (902-490-5650)
  • or 40 Alderney Drive, Dartmouth (902-490-4490).

For more details about deck & shed construction, please refer to these on-line information brochure pamphlets:



The purpose of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) is to facilitate the development, sharing and application of knowledge and expertise in order to contribute to the elimination of racism and all forms of racial discrimination in Canada.

One way to promote harmony and understanding in our country is the CRRF Youth Video Challenge. Produce a 30-second video to show your perspective on Canadian values and identity.

Young people up to 18 years of age can enter. Entries will be accepted up until midnight EST, August 30th. For more details, go to:


LED-StreetlightsBack in November 2013 HRM began assuming ownership of all public streetlights. In July 2014 HRM completed a detailed asset inventory including streetlight wattage, bulb type, location, and installation design.

In August 2014 HRM finalized an agreement with NS Power for this take over. Last June HRM awarded the LED streetlight conversion installation contract to GJ Cahill and Company Ltd.

Converting conventional streetlights to LED technology will provide the Municipality with significant operational savings due to their energy efficiency and reduced required maintenance. An adaptive technology will also be deployed with these new LED streetlights to monitor their operational status and provide dimming capability, allowing for improved service standards to residents and additional energy savings. This will enable HRM to monitor the most remote streetlights in the most efficient manner without the need for reporting of outages through the 311 Call Centre.

The larger rural geographical districts were implemented first before the urban core will be converted. This project includes only those streetlights that are in the public domain and located within HRM / Provincial road right-of-ways and does not include streetlights on private laneways or lands. HRM Council has asked for a Staff Report for the possible inclusion of ‘private’ streetlights into the conversion program as long as they illuminate onto travel-ways and not personal property.

As this LED streetlight conversion project nears completion in our district, please contact my office and make suggestions on where these new lights should be installed (or removed in some cases). A location list is being compiled for future consideration.