Halifax Regional Council Summary
May 9, 2017

Awards and Tenders

Regional Council awarded a $2,013,909 tender to Dexter Construction Company Ltd. for asphalt overlay and
sidewalk renewal at various locations in HRM.
Appointment of Returning Officer and Delegation of Duties
Council appointed Lori A. McKinnon, Election Coordinator, as the Returning Officer to conduct any special
election that may be required to fill a vacancy on Council prior to the next regular municipal election in October

Crosswalk Flags

Halifax Regional Council approved the installation of crosswalk flags within the municipality in August 2014 in an
effort to improve pedestrian and driver safety. Crosswalk flags are currently installed in 155 locations around
HRM. At the May 9, 2017 meeting of Regional Council, councillors voted against a staff recommendation to
remove a third of crosswalk flags in the municipality, opting instead to keep all current crosswalk flag locations.
Council also decided to put a hold on the approval of new crosswalk flag sites while HRM staff explore
alternative crosswalk safety measures. A staff update is expected to come back to council in December.

By-Law Amendment – 686 Bedford Highway

Regional Council voted against a staff recommendation and approved the initiation of a Land-Use By-Law
Amendment process to allow for a multi-use commercial and residential development by W.M. Fares Architects
located at 686 Bedford Highway.

Beechville Development Proposal

Regional Council voted to defer a debate on a proposed 59-acre development by Armco Capital in Beechville
pending further consultation with residents of the community.

Clarke-Hallison House

Council approved a recommendation by the Heritage Advisory Committee to allow a substantial alteration to
the Clarke-Hallison House, a municipally registered heritage property located at 1029 South Park Street in

Parking lot paving at the Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts Society and Maritime Muslim Academy

Regional Council voted against a staff recommendation and will provide one-third funding, or approximately
$100,000, for the repaving of the parking lot at the Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts Society and
Maritime Muslim Academy, located on Chebucto Road in Halifax. A municipally-owned park and playground is
also located on the site.

Universal Access to Municipal Washrooms

Council directed staff to draft an Administrative Order on universal access to all municipal washroom facilities. In
2012, HRM adopted the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard for accessible design on all municipal
washrooms, with provision for removing barriers to accessibility. The Universal Access Administrative Order will
go further, ensuring municipal washrooms are designed to accommodate gender neutral access, access for
children with care-givers, and persons travelling with an attendant.

Partnership with Zhuhai, China

Council approved a recommendation from the Community Planning and Economic Development Standing
Committee (CPED) to direct the Mayor to prepare letter of intent to begin the process of establishing an
Economic Partnership Agreement with the city of Zhuhai in the Guangdong Province of China. The goal of the
partnership is to strengthen Halifax’s ties with China and increase trade.

Back to Our Roots Urban Farm Market

Council approved a recommendation by CPED to allow Back to Our Roots Urban Farm Market to operate a
weekly market between May and October at the Woodside Ferry Terminal.

SmartTrip Membership Fees and EPass Agreement

The SmartTrip Program is an initiative of Halifax Transit aimed at encouraging employers to offer sustainable
commuting options to their employees. Along with promoting things like carpooling and active transportation,
the SmartTrip EPass program provides participating employers with discounted annual transit passes for their
employees. In an effort to encourage more employers to join the program, Regional Council approved a
simplified membership fee structure; under the new structure, workplaces with 1-100 employees would pay a
$100 annual fee, and those with more 100+ employees would pay a $250 annual fee. More information on the
SmartTrip Program is available at https://www.halifax.ca/smarttrip/

Taxi Safety

Regional Council approved a Transportation Standing Committee recommendation that HRM pay for an in-depth
industry review and jurisdictional scan with recommendations on how to make taxis safer for both passengers
and drivers. The report will explore the possible introduction of things like video or audio recording devices in
taxis, GPS tracking, sensitivity and safety training, shields, and emergency alarm buttons. Council also approved
a recommendation requiring decals showing the taxi license number be displayed in the front and back seats of
all cabs.

2017/18 Heritage Incentive Program

Council approved funding through the 2017/18 Heritage Incentive Program to several registered municipal
heritage properties. The Heritage Incentive Program offers grants to assist owners of municipally-registered
heritage properties in maintaining their properties. More information on Heritage Grants is available at

Public Hearing – Noise Exemption Application by Glen Arbour Golf Club

A public hearing was held regarding an application by Glen Arbour Golf Club for a noise by-law exemption that
would allow the Club to expand outside entertainment on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from May 15th-
October 31st, 2017 until no later than midnight. Council voted to approve Glen Arbour’s application.