The HRM District 2 Councillor Debates are opportunities for members of the general public to observe and interact with candidates seeking the office of Councillor.  It is an opportunity for candidates to present themselves, their opinions and beliefs.  Often structured as a question and answer forum, the District 2 Councillor Debate will involve discussions with opposing viewpoints on those matters affecting HRM District 2: Preston – Chezzetcook – Eastern Shore.

Debate of September 13, 2016

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The first debate of the 2016 municipal election in District 2 took place on Tuesday night, September 13, at the East Preston Recreation Centre. Three of the four declared candidates were there: Incumbent Councillor David Hendsbee, Shelley Fashan, and Gail McQuarrie. Absent was Sydnee MacKay.


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Thank you to all who attended the Sept 25th public assembly debate, on matters affecting HRM District 2: Preston – Chezzetcook – Eastern Shore, held at:



Hosted by the Musquodoboit Harbour Chamber of Commerce

Introducing Councillor Hendsbee…

Vote for the candidate who knows the whole area and will work hard and give effective representation for all the communities of HRM District 2 Preston – Chezzetcook – Eastern Shore


(Please advance to position 2:14 of video for Councillor Hendsbee)

Priorities for District 2

Representing a large rural district with a population of 26,226, 76% of whom are eligible electors, presents numerous opportunities. Councillor Hendsbee will continue his efforts to promote all areas of the district, ensuring:

  • rural development and growth issues are respected
  • rural transportation is given the opportunity to grow
  • rural recreation facilities are expanded
  • support for seniors and youth are available; and
  • encourage cultural recognition to be preserved, promoted and protected.

Priorities for East Preston

Councillor Hendsbee will continue his efforts to promote East and North Preston, and will ensure the Halifax Regional Municipality:

  • respects rural development and growth issues;
  • recognizes the need for rural transportation & rural recreation facilities; and
  • encourage opportunities for heritage recognition to be preserved, promoted and protected.


Working collaboratively with community leaders and advocates for peace, Councillor Hendsbee has, and will continue, to implement programs and funding aimed at eliminating violence at the community level.

Illegal Dumping Of Trash

Councillor David Hendsbee offers valid suggestions on how best to address and prevent the the problem of people dumping trash along local roads.

(Please advance to position 1:00 of video for response by Councillor Hendsbee)

Term Limits?

Councillor David Hendsbee believes that it is up to the voting public to determine the term of an elected official.  He is also of the opinion that political term limits can result in shifting priorities that often impede multi-year planning for communities.

Count Down to Election Day - Saturday, October 15, 2016








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