The HRM District 2 Councillor Debates are opportunities for members of the general public to observe and interact with candidates seeking the office of Councillor.  It is an opportunity for candidates to present themselves, their opinions and beliefs.  Often structured as a question and answer forum, the District 2 Councillor Debate will involve discussions with opposing viewpoints on those matters affecting HRM District 2: Preston – Chezzetcook – Eastern Shore.

Debate of September 25, 2016

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The second debate of the 2016 municipal election in District 2 took place on Sunday, September 25, at the Musquodoboit Harbour Rink, and was graciously sponsored by the Musquodoboit Harbour Chamber of Commerce. As with the previous debate, three of the four declared candidates participated: Incumbent Councillor David Hendsbee, Shelley Fashan, and Gail McQuarrie. Absent was Sydnee MacKay.



Question 1: Infrastructure…

What infrastructure needs do you consider the most critical for growth in our rural communities?  When elected, what is your plan to address these needs?


Question 2: Economic Outlook & Development

The aging demographic of District 2 is well documented. Undoubtedly, affordable senior citizen housing will be a key component of our economic future.  When elected, what are your strategies to promote public and private investment in our communities as it relates to the development of senior citizen housing?


Question 3: Recreation

The Trail System throughout Musquodoboit Harbour & Area is a significant recreational asset.  Our Trails are vital in the promotion of active & healthy living.  At present, there are both gaps between communities as well as areas where rehabilitation of bridges is required.  When elected, what is your plan to address and improve our Trails?


Question 4: Rural Concerns

Urban standardization and centralization of our Municipal Government is a growing concern.  Two recent Land Use Bylaws (Lot Grading & denial of Building Permits on lots created through the Municipal Government Act without 100′ of public frontage) have negatively impacted our rural communities.

When elected, how will you ensure that residents in our communities will be actively consulted in assessing the impact of bylaws that have an affect on our communities, before they are given consideration by Regional Council/HRM staff?


Count Down to Election Day - Saturday, October 15, 2016








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