This year’s African Heritage Month provincial theme: Seas of Struggle – African Peoples from Shore to Shore, outlines the struggles of people of African Descent faced from the shores of Africa to the shores of Nova Scotia, recognizing that the one thing that has remained constant in our history is the Atlantic Ocean. The long- standing history of people of African Descent in the development of Canada, the sea has played a vital role. This theme explores the struggle and adversity that was overcome and examines the effects of slavery and sea faring of African Nova Scotians. The theme also aligns with the United Nations’ International Decade for People of African Descent (DPAD) 2015-2024. The goal of DPAD is to strengthen global cooperation in support of people of African descent, increase awareness and the passage towards presence in all aspects of society. Nova Scotia has 52 historic African Nova Scotian communities with a long, deep and complex history dating back over 200 years. African Heritage Month provides us with another opportunity to celebrate our culture, legacy, achievements, and contributions of our people – past and present. For a list of African Heritage Month events and municipal proclamations across the province, go to www.ahm.bccnsweb.com


The Halifax Black Film Festival (HBFF) is a dynamic, refreshing and audacious festival whose ambition is to encourage the development of the independent film industry and to promote more films on the reality of Black people from around the globe. The HBFF is glad to celebrate diversity within the Black communities through films that matter. More details: www.halifaxblackfilm.com #HBFF23


The federal government has proclaimed February 15th as National Flag of Canada Day. In 1965, 58 years ago, the old Red Ensign Flag with the British Union Jack was replaced with the Red Maple Leaf. To learn more facts about our nation’s flag and/or other official symbols of Canada, visit: www.canada.ca/en/canadian-heritage/services/official-symbols-canada.html

And be sure to wave our own provincial and municipal flags too! 

Heritage Day is the third Monday in February each year, and is set aside as a reminder of our storied past and an opportunity to honour the remarkable people, places and events that have contributed to this province’s unique heritage. This year’s date is February 20th. So please enjoy the day! More info at: https://heritageday.novascotia.ca

Heritage Day 2023 will honour First Nations Elder Rita (Bernard) Joe, a member of the We’koqma’q Mi’kmaq Community and published author, who was instrumental in paving the way for other major Mi’kmaq authors. Her greatest wish was to see more writings would come from her people and “that the children would read it”. More information about Rita Joe: https://heritageday.novascotia.ca/content/2023-honouree-rita-joe


FOR 2024

On December 13th, 2022, HRM Council approved new proposed district boundaries as set out in a report dated November 24th, 2022 for submission to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSUARB). Every eight years it is required for all municipalities in Nova Scotia to review its Council composition. A district boundary review was required in 2022 and any changes coming from this review will not come into effect until the 2024 Municipal Election.

The next and final step in this process, the final decision on municipal district boundaries, must be made by the NSUARB. They must conduct open public hearings about the boundary review in early 2023. Check their website to see when they will be holding hearings about the new proposed HRM District Boundaries: https://nsuarb.novascotia.ca/hearings/upcoming-hearings

To view the new proposed district boundaries that are going forth to the NSUARB, visit: www.halifax.ca/boundaryreview

From a District 2 perspective, the communities of North Preston, East Preston, and the Little Salmon River subdivision in Westphal will be merging with District 4: Cole Harbour – Westphal – Cherry Brook – Lake Loon. This geographical adjustment will reunite the African Nova Scotian Communities within the Preston Township to be altogether in one district instead of being split between two districts. As well the two local Municipal Planning Strategies for these areas will now be under one district as well.


HRM has an ice thickness testing program during the winter season, but there may still be noticeable thin ice and open water in many lakes across the region. Throughout the winter months, ice thickness reports for lakes tested by the municipality will be available to the public at any time by calling 902-490-3577 or 311 for the HRM Citizen Contact Centre. Reports are updated weekly on this site pending weather conditions: www.halifax.ca/parks-recreation/programs-activities/skating/ice-thickness

More than 70 lakes, mostly in the urban core, are tested regularly by HRM Parks and Recreation staff. There are 8 tested sites in or near our district area, including Lake Loon, Lake Major, Long Lake in North Preston, Nelson Lake in East Preston, Lake Echo by the Community Centre and McCoy’s Pond by Churchlake Drive in Lake Echo, Porters Lake and Middle Porters Lake. 

The municipality reminds all citizens to ensure ice conditions are safe, and to exercise extreme caution when walking, skating or participating in other outdoor events on frozen lakes this winter season. For more ice safety tips, please visit the Canadian Red Cross website: www.redcross.ca/training-and-certification/swimming-and-water-safety-tips-and-resources/swimming-boating-and-water-safety-tips/ice-safety


HRM’s Marketing Destination Organization – Discover Halifax (DH) has hired a Rural Tourism Account Executive – Mallori Inzinga. Her task is to help develop and foster more rural destinations and services that can cater to the tourism industry. She can help create your free business profile on the DH website. Membership with Discover Halifax is free and has many benefits, including help with promoting your business to visitors. Membership form link: https://discoverhalifaxdmo.com/members/member-sign-up/

To learn more about DH, visit https://discoverhalifaxdmo.com

Ms. Inzinga has been in contact with the local Chambers of Commerce in Musquodoboit Harbour and Sheet Harbour and is also willing to meet with you in person. Mallori is also working with our local tourism businesses to help get us ‘on the map’ of what Discover Halifax is promoting for the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.

Please contact her by email at minzinga@discoverhalifaxns.com or call or text her at 902- 968-0051 to reserve a time.

DH also has a stand-up virtual portal kiosk, currently at the Musquodoboit Harbour Library, to provide visitors in an instant what our area has to offer them. DH is working to include

our many businesses and attractions along the Eastern Shore. During the summer season (July & August) this kiosk is located at the Railway Museum. It is hoped to have another DH Tourism portal kiosk established in Sheet Harbour if budgets allow.

You can submit local community events that can be posted on the DH website (https://discoverhalifaxns.com/events/community/add) and upload pictures of local attractions and scenic places to help bolster the pictorial content of the DH Website (https://upload.crowdriff.com/dh-rights-approved)

Check out the Eastern Shore itinerary promotional video that DH has shared on YouTube: https://youtu.be/6iKr0pJCScI