3,262 Thank You’s Are In Order !

That’s for every vote I received during this election. And I do appreciate the other 3,312 that at least came out to cast a ballot. Now it is up to me to regain your trust and respect as your Municipal Councillor over the next four years. It is a privilege and a honor to serve the beautiful folks in HRM District 2: Preston – Chezzetcook – Eastern Shore. I feel humbled and blessed ! …. Validated and vindicated ! Now its time to get back to work.

Thank you once again !!! Merci Beaucoup !!!

“Do you want to get re-elected? Because that’s how you get re-elected.”
Councillor David Hendsbee


As the District 2 Councillor, I have the proven experience and leadership necessary to represent the interests of our large and diverse rural region.

I will continue to defend and advance support to our local community recreational facilities, fire stations, and other municipal services and infrastructure.  HRM now has a Rural Planning Team, having invested in local economic development and tourism initiatives for District 2 such as DEANS, Heritage Village, NS Nature Trust and Nature Conservancy of Canada wilderness campaigns.

Various and numerous community groups and organizations have benefited from my endeavours to advance their projects with municipal grants and district funding.

Going forward, I will advocate for extending rural express transit and expanding the MusGo Rider transportation service areas. The need to maintain our community parks, playgrounds, and to preserve local cemeteries and heritage sites will continue to receive my attention and support.

As I remain accessible and available to hear your concerns, I will continue to use social media and monthly newsletters in our local publications to keep you informed.  I have worked with citizens from all parts of the district to ensure our great communities remain strong and sustainable.  Please Vote Hendsbee for Shore!



Councillor David Hendsbee


Government Experience:

  • 1993-1995 Halifax County District 8 Councillor
  • 1996-1999 HRM District 3 Councillor
  • 1999-2003 MLA – Constituency of Preston 2003-2012 HRM District 3 Councillor
  • 2008-2009 HRM Deputy Mayor
  • 2012-2016 HRM District 2 Councillor

Current Member of Committees & Boards:

  • Harbour East – Marine Drive Community Council
  • HRM Volunteer Firefighters Advisory Committee
  • HRM Tax & Grants Committee
  • HRM Appeals Committee
  • HRM Active Transportation Advisory Committee
  • Halifax – Dartmouth Bridge Commission Member
  • Halifax Regional Water Board of Commissioners

Community Organization Involvement:

  • NS Home for Coloured Children / Akoma Family Centre Board Member
  • Lake Echo Lions Club Member
  • Porters Lake Community Services Association
  • Lake & Shore Community Recreation Society
  • Eastern Shore Joint Emergency Management Team

Ex-Official Member:

  • MusGo Rider Board of Directors
  • Three Corners C&D – Construction & Demolition Material Debris Recycling Community Liaison
  • Canadian Legion 161 Eastern Marine Member

Count Down to Election Day - Saturday, October 15, 2016








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