The HRM Community Grants Program provides aid to registered non-profit organizations and charities throughout the municipality to help with their endeavours.

There are two types of grants: – Project Grants up to $5,000 – Capital Grants up to $25,000

The program provides assistance to specific types of projects in the following categories:

– Arts & Crafts

– Diversity & Inclusion

– Environment

– Emergency Assistance & Safety

– History

– Housing

– Leisure

– Recreation

Application deadline is March 31st. More info at:  www.halifax.ca/business/doing-business-halifax/community-non-profit-resources/community-grants

Or HRM Grants Guidebook & Applications can be obtained from a HRM Service Centre or by e-mailing: nonprofitgrants@Halifax.ca or call 902-490-7310.


HRM Parks and Recreation’s Neighbourhood & Volunteer Services team offers a free, eight-session Step up to Leadership course. The course was developed by volunteers, for volunteers. It covers a wide range of topics to help you develop leadership skills and build strong communities. The course has a full, well-rounded agenda to provide the necessary tools and techniques to create effective leadership and community involvement.

Some of the topics include: personality types, planning for your passion, team work & group dynamics, diversity, communication & conflict resolution, creating a non-profit organization, the legalities and practicalities of being a board member for a non-profit organization, conducting effective meetings and public speaking. Spring 2023 Step up to Leadership sessions are now open for registration. Registration closes March 16th. Cost is Free! It is available for anyone ages 18 and above. The Eastern HRM Sessions will be held at the Findlay Community Centre, 26 Elliot Street in Dartmouth on Tuesday nights from March 21st to May 9th at 6:30 – 8:30 PM Register by contacting Darren Hirtle at Darren.Hirtle@halifax.ca or 902-476-1184.


Normally Open-Air Burning Season begins on March 15th. There is an on-line fire index map at: https://novascotia.ca/burnsafe/. It will ensure everyone knows the risks of wildfire in all areas of the province each day. The map will show green, red, or yellow in each county to let us know if it is safe to burn, unsafe to burn, or safe with restrictions. The map and recorded phone message will be updated daily. Call Burn Safe toll-free 1-855-564-2876. These changes affect brush burning on domestic properties, such as rural residential lots, woodlots, fishing camps and cottage lots. But Commercial / Industrial brush burning still requires a permit from a DNR office. Be sure to follow all instructions, rules of conduct and be respectful of your neighbours when you want to burn. Be cognizant of those with any sensitivity to smoke. Please be careful when burning.


HRM Grants to Professional Arts Organizations Program supports the operating and artistic capacity of Halifax based professional arts organizations to develop and present artistic work as well as strengthen their capacity. There are two streams of funding; Operating Assistance, and Project Assistance. Please read the program guidelines as there have been some changes to the intake process from previous years. https://www.halifax.ca/parks-recreation/arts-culture-heritage/opportunities-artists-halifax   DEADLINE: March 31st, 5PM Contact: HRM Community Developer – Public Art, Culture & Events: Lindsay Cory- Lindsay.cory@halifax.ca  or call 902- 456-8384


HRM requires all pet owners to license their dogs annually by April 1st. The licensing year runs from April 1st to March 31st. Pet owners are required to apply for a license within 10 days of obtaining a dog. Amendments were made to By-Law A-700 regarding dog licensing. Dogs aged 6 months or younger, or dogs already licensed in another jurisdiction are no longer required to be licensed in HRM. We also offer a “LIFE-TIME” registration that also requires your pet to have a micro-chip for easy identification purposes. There are discounted license prices for seniors, as well for any dog that has been spayed or neutered. There is no fee for Special Aid Personal Assistance Service Dogs. But there are rates for any dog that is deemed to be registered as ‘Dangerous”. You can license your dog or have its license renewed either in person at any HRM Customer Service Centre or at select veterinary clinics, or by mailing a completed licensing form with the correct payment to: HRM Dog Licensing, PO Box 1749, Halifax NS B3J 3A5 or for license renewals only with a credit card by calling the HRM Contact Centre at 311 or 1-800-835- 6428 (NS toll-free). Pet owners found to be in violation of HRM By-Law A-700 licensing regulations may be issued a warning notice or be issued a Summary Offense Ticket of $237.50 or greater; and/or could have their dog seized by Animal Services and face further prosecution in court. For more information: https://www.halifax.ca/home-property/animal-services/getting-a-dog-licence


The nomination deadline for the Order of Nova Scotia (ONS) is on the third Friday of March (March 17th, 2023) The ONS recognizes Nova Scotians for outstanding contributions to their communities. NS citizens are encouraged to nominate or re-nominate someone they feel has made a significant contribution. Nomination forms are available at Access Nova Scotia Centres throughout the province. For more information, please call the NS Protocol Office – One Government Place, Barrington Level, 1700 Granville Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1X5. Telephone: 902- 424-2467 Fax: 902-424-4309 or by E-mail: orderofnovascotia@gov.ns.ca or check ONS Website: https://novascotia.ca/iga/order.asp


This Day is celebrated in more than 50 countries around the world. Once known as Empire Day, it is envisioned as a celebration of the cultural exchange and shared values of former Empire states. Commonwealth Day (March 13th) is aimed to celebrate the unity, diversity and links of the modern Commonwealth of Nations and to foster a greater understanding of its achievements and role. Nowadays the notion of celebrating Britain’s colonial past is a topic for some debate but let’s still acknowledge the late Queen Elizabeth II and her 70 year reign on the British Throne and soon the coronation of King Charles III on May 6th https://thecommonwealth.org/commonwealth-day