Schedule Adjustments – effective May 29, 2017

Route 370 Porters Lake

New Stops
As part of the Moving Forward Together Plan, two new additional stops in each direction on Main Street will be added to the Route 370 Porters Lake to better serve the needs of riders.

Halifax Bound

  • Main Street after Cherry Brook Road (stop #6942)
  • Main Street before Major Street (stop #7175)

Porters Lake Bound

  • Main Street after Gordon Avenue (stop #7173)
  • Main Street before Cherry Brook Road (stop #6943)

Pilot Project
The Route 370 will also make a Halifax-bound and Porters Lake-bound stop at the Micmac Terminal, as part of a six-month pilot project ending November 27, 2017.

Please note: The addition of this stop will require slightly earlier morning departure times from Porters Lake and will mean slightly later evening arrival times.

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