The nomination deadline for the Order of Nova Scotia (ONS) is on the third Friday of March (March 16, 2018) The ONS recognizes Nova Scotians for outstanding contributions to their communities. NS citizens are encouraged to nominate or re-nominate someone they feel has made a significant contribution. Nomination forms are available at Access Nova Scotia Centres throughout the province. For more information, please call the NS Protocol Office – One Government Place, Barrington Level, 1700 Granville Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1X5. Telephone: 902-424-2467 Fax: 902-424-4309 or by E-mail: orderofnovascotia@gov.ns.ca or check the ONS Website: https://gov.ns.ca/iga/order.asp


Traditionally, many property owners think about cleaning up the yard in the spring, but with the few number of large snowfalls over this past winter, dead grass and other vegetation in your yard can dry out quickly becoming flammable as early as mid-March. In fact the highest number of wildfires occur in April and May, usually the result of grass or brush burning that got out of control. There are alternatives to burning such as chipping or composting, but if your best option is burning, the best time to do it is during the winter when the woods are protected from fire with a blanket of snow. Burning outside of the fire season, especially when snow is on the ground, greatly reduces the chances of a fire spreading and saves you a few dollars in burning permit fees. You should also pick a day when weather conditions are favourable for smoke dispersal so as not to annoy the neighbours! So if you must burn brush, avoid the fire season, the most dangerous time of the year to burn, and do it safely. For more details: https://novascotia.ca/natr/forestprotection/wildfire/firecentre/winterburn.asp


Normally Open-Air Burning Season begins on March 15th. There is an on-line fire index map at www.novascotia.ca/burnsafe. It will ensure everyone knows the risks of wildfire in all areas of the province each day. The map will show green, red, or yellow in each county to let us know if it is safe to burn, unsafe to burn, or safe with restrictions. The map and recorded phone message will be updated daily. Call Burn Safe toll-free 1-855-564-2876. These changes affect brush burning on domestic properties, such as rural residential lots, woodlots, fishing camps and cottage lots. But Commercial / Industrial brush burning still requires a permit from a DNR office. Be sure to follow all instructions, rules of conduct and be respectful of your neighbours when you want to burn. Be cognizant of those with any sensitivity to smoke. Please be very careful and burn safely.


There will be an Information Meeting about setting up a possible 4-H club for the Preston-Eastern Shore area on Wednesday, March 7th at 7 PM at the Henry G. Bauld Centre at 35 Wilfred Jackson Way in Westphal. That’s on Main Street / Highway #7 across the road from the NS Black Cultural Centre.  The four H’s stand for Head, Heart, Hands, Health. It is an exciting and fun program for young people. 4H is an organization dedicated to the personal development of youth while providing a positive impact by volunteering in our communities. Most importantly, 4-H projects encourage members to ‘Learn to do by Doing”. More details about this program are at:



HRM requires all pet owners to license their dogs annually by April 1st. The licensing year runs from April 1st to March 31st.  Pet owners are required to apply for a license within 10 days of obtaining a dog. HRM also offers a “LIFE-TIME” registration that also requires your pet to have a microchip for easy identification purposes. There are discounted license prices for seniors and for any dog owners whose pet has been spayed or neutered. There is no fee for Special Aid Personal Assistance Dogs. But there are rates for any dog that is deemed to be registered as ‘Dangerous”.



License Type

One Year

Life Time


Senior Standard




$25 $200


Spayed Neutered


$7.50 $75


Personal Aid Dog N/C – No Charge – Free
Dangerous Dog



Replaced Tag


You can license your dog or have its license renewed either in person at any HRM Customer Service Centre or at select veterinary clinics, or by mailing a completed licensing form with the correct payment to HRM Dog Licensing, PO Box 1749, Halifax NS B3J 3A5. For license renewals with a credit card call the HRM Contact Centre at 311 or 1-800-835-6428 (NS toll-free). Pet owners found to be in violation of HRM By-Law A-700 licensing regulations may be issued a warning notice, or be issued a Summary Offense Ticket of $237.50 or greater; and/or could have their dog seized by Animal Services and face further prosecution in court. For more information: https://www.halifax.ca/home-property/animal-services/dog-ownership




HRM Regional Council has approved the allocation of $100,000 to procure consultant services to develop a business case and prepare concept architectural and site plans along with preliminary capital and operating cost estimates for the proposed replacement of the Sheet Harbour Lions Recreation Centre to be branded as the Eastern Shore Lifestyles Centre. More details are found at:



The Sheet Harbour Chamber of Commerce has started a community based “Hope Chest” fundraiser as an effort to raise money towards the new proposed Eastern Shore Lifestyles Centre. Weekly 50/50 draws are held. Just pay a toonie – $2 and register your entry number for the contest. There are currently 7 retail locations where you can enter this weekly draw:

  • Norse Cove Café in East Ship Harbour;
  • JP’s Mini Stop in Spry Bay;
  • Irving Gas Station in Sheet Harbour;
  • Wilson’s Gas Station in Sheet Harbour;
  • Discount & Gift Store in Sheet Harbour;
  • Dufferin Variety in Port Dufferin; and
  • Gizmo’s Variety in Moser River.

Contest rules and weekly winner updates are found at: https://sheetharbour.ca/news/


A reminder that the 2018-2019 HRM Community Grants Program application deadline is March 31st. More details at: https://www.halifax.ca/business/doing-business-halifax/community-grants