Each year, from November 5th–11th, hundreds of commemorative ceremonies and events will take place across our country to commemorate Veterans’ Week. There are so many ways to remember and honour our Veterans. Wear a poppy and attend a local Remembrance Day ceremony. There are six cenotaphs that serve our district area. They are situated in Cole Harbour, North Preston, Porters Lake, Oyster Pond, Sheet Harbour and Moser River. So this Veterans’ Week, please remember them at the 11th hour, on the 11th day, of the 11th month. Take the time to observe a two-minute moment of silence. This year I will be attending the Remembrance Day Ceremonies in North Preston to mark the 10th anniversary of their cenotaph. Lest We Forget


One way that the municipality recognizes and supports its local volunteers is through the Annual HRM Volunteer Conference. This year marks the 19th year which provides valuable networking and learning opportunities for volunteers. The conference will be held on Friday & Saturday, November 15th & 16th at the Atlantica Hotel ( Quinpool Road @ Robie Street) in Halifax, If you have any conference questions, please call Shauna Shirley at: or 902-456-9683 or send e-mail queries to: Check out the conference agenda at:


There is a snow removal program available to seniors (65 years of age or older) and for persons with disabilities throughout all areas of HRM. You must reside in a single dwelling home that you own or rent. Its mandate is to provide a resource to clients for the removal of snow for safe access. The program is limited to those households with a combined total income not exceeding $32,000. The program is NOT available to landlords. To make more enquiries about this program, please call 311 HRM Contact Centre or the YMCA at 902-483-3678. Or go to these web-sites for further details:  and/or Registration deadline is November 1st or sooner depending upon the demand. Completed applications may be faxed to 902-423-8530 or e-mailed to:  or can be mailed or dropped off at: YMCA Senior Snow Removal, Community YMCA, 2269 Gottingen Street Halifax, NS, B3K 3B7. Download Application forms at: They will be placed on a list based on a first come, first serve basis. So please apply now before the snowfall.


There will be a HRM Household Special Waste (HSW) Mobile Drop Off Depot at the Moser River Firehall / Community Centre parking lot #28975—Hwy #7 on Saturday, November 16th. Hours of Operation will be from 9AM–4PM. This is a Rain or Shine event! For more information on HRM solid waste program including updates on any future mobile HSW depots; please call 311 or visit:


There is an Application by Bianca & Pierre-Luc Sevigny to enter into a Development Agreement for an Intensive Agricultural Use to allow for an abattoir and to keep additional animals at 1129 West Petpeswick Road. There will Information Meeting (PIM) on Monday, November 18th at the Old School Gathering Place in Musquodoboit Harbour to hear from the community about this request. More details are at:


HRM has launched hfxALERT: a new mass notification system that provides timely alerts with important urgent and non-urgent information. It will strictly issue municipal notifications. These alerts may be urgent, such as evacuations, or non-urgent, such as overnight winter parking bans. The notifications will be sent via email, automated phone call and/or text message. Residents must sign up online to receive these alerts. Notifications will be sent by Halifax Regional Police, the Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency’s Emergency Management Division and HRM Corporate Communications. For more details, go to:


HRM can help some local non-profit organizations reduce their property tax payments through the Tax Relief for Non-Profit Organizations Program. Applications must be filed by November 30th. There are various types of tax reduction programs from Commercial to Residential Tax Rate Conversion, or to tiered level tax rate with 25%, 50%. 75% or 100% tax exemption. More details about this program can be found at: On-line application forms at: Please send application forms and all relevant documentation to: HRM Grants Program: Non-Profit Tax Relief, c/o Finance and Asset Management, PO Box 1749, Halifax, NS, B3J 3A5 Or you can bring the application form to a HRM Customer Service Centre in Musquodoboit Harbour or at Alderney Landing in Dartmouth. For assistance contact the HRM Grants & Contributions office, HRM Financial Services at 902-490-7191 or e-mail:


You can’t tell whether well water is safe to drink by looking at it, smelling it or tasting it. You need to have it tested. The NS Environment Department recommends that you ought to have your on-site well water tested for bacteria every six months, and every two years for chemical parameters. The cost to do a bacterial analysis for the simple presence of Total Coliform & E.coli is $30 and $40 for a more accurate Total Coliform & E.coli count.

There are 4 Options for Chemical Analysis.

•             Package #1: Arsenic, Uranium ($32.72)

•             Package #2: Arsenic, Uranium, Lead, Nitrate/Nitrite, Fluoride ($51.39)

•             Package #3: Calcium, Magnesium, Aluminum, Boron, Barium, Beryllium, Cadmium, Cobalt, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Hardness, Nickel, Antimony, Selenium, Tin, Vanadium, Lead, Silver, Zinc, Arsenic, Uranium, Titanium, Molybdenum, Strontium, Thallium, Sodium, Potassium, Nitrate/Nitrite, Fluoride ($104.93)

•             Package #4: All parameters in Package #3 plus Chloride, Sulfate ($120.67)

For more information on chemical analysis, contact the Environmental Laboratory at 902-473-8466. Or fill out a form that allows NSHA to communicate with you directly through e-mail for water testing at: Give your well a regular check-up. Safe drinking water is an important part of staying healthy.

You can pick up and drop off water sample bottles at any of these locations nearest you at:

•             Bayers Road Centre: 7071 Bayers Road, Suite 141, Halifax.  902-454-1661

•             Mackenzie Building—QEII: 5788 University Avenue, Halifax.  902-473-8466

•             Dartmouth General Hospital—325 Pleasant Street, Dartmouth.  902-465-8305

•             Twin Oaks Memorial Hospital—7704 Highway #7, Musquodoboit Harbour.  902-889-4115

•             Eastern Shore Memorial Hospital—22637, Highway #7, Sheet Harbour.  902-885-3612

•             Musquodoboit Valley Memorial Hospital—492 Archibald Brook Road, Middle Musquodoboit.  902-384-4111

Please check their website at: , for more details on their hours of operation.