Public Service Announcement 

Municipality providing assistance to residents with well water shortages

Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016 (Halifax, NS) – The Halifax Regional Municipality is aware that some areas of the Halifax region have been affected by significantly low water levels following drought-like weather conditions over the past few months. The issue appears to be particularly acute in the communities along the Eastern Shore and Tantallon.

As a result, the municipality is working closely with the provincial Emergency Management Office (EMO), Halifax Water and several municipal departments to ensure residents with dry wells have access to drinking water and shower facilities on an urgent basis.

The municipality has identified numerous facilities across the region where affected residents can access drinking water and showers for the interim period until conditions improve. The complete facility list can be found online at

Please note the varying times and days of the week when water supplies and shower facilities are available at each location and be aware that some facilities may be subject to well capacity or water conservation restrictions.

In addition to municipal facilities, the provincial Department of Natural Resources has opened three provincial park sites located within the municipality for residents to access potable water, toilets and shower facilities. For more details on those locations, click here.

Please note that Halifax Water has instituted mandatory water use restrictions for customers served by Lake Major. Lake Major serves the communities of Dartmouth, Eastern Passage, Westphal, North Preston and Cole Harbour. Complete details of those restrictions are available at

We strongly encourage those residents on wells who are experiencing water shortage issues to contact 311 so the municipality can better assess the status of affected areas and provide assistance as needed.

It’s important to note the current issue with low water levels was brought on by three months of dry weather and it is anticipated that it will take a considerable amount of precipitation and time for water levels to normalize. Our collective response to this situation will require a sustained commitment to water conservation over the coming weeks and months, as well as neighbourly support for each other.

For more information on support available for residents to access water supplies and for conservation tips, visit