The Federal Government has proclaimed February 15th as National Flag of Canada Day. In 1965, fifty-six years ago, the old Red Ensign Flag with the British Union Jack was replaced with the Red Maple Leaf. To know more facts about our nation’s flag and/or other official symbols of Canada,

go to: https://www.canada.ca/en/canadian-heritage/services/official-symbols-canada.html

And be sure to wave our own Provincial and Municipal Flags too! Heritage Day is the third Monday in February each year is set aside as an annual reminder of our storied past and an opportunity to honour the remarkable people, places and events that have contributed to this province’s unique heritage. This year’s date is February 15th. So please enjoy the day! More info at: https://heritageday.novascotia.ca/  or https://novascotia.ca/lae/employmentrights/NovaScotiaHeritageDay.asp

Heritage Day in 2021 will honour Edward Francis Arab. Born in Halifax in 1915, Edward was the grandson of some of the first Lebanese immigrants to Halifax. He graduated from Dalhousie University law school and practiced until he enlisted in the army on the outbreak of the Second World War. He was killed in the 1944 Battle of the Scheldt Estuary in Holland.


HRM has an ice thickness testing program during the winter season, but there may still be noticeable thin ice and open water in many lakes across the region. Throughout the winter months, ice thickness reports for lakes tested by the municipality will be available to the public at any time by calling 902-490-3577 or 311 for the HRM Citizen Contact Centre. Reports are updated weekly on this site pending weather conditions: www.halifax.ca/recreation/programs-activities/skating/icethickness

More than 70 lakes, mostly in the urban core, are tested regularly by HRM Parks and Recreation staff. There are 8 tested sites in or near our district area. They are: Lake Loon, Lake Major, Long Lake in North Preston, Nelson Lake in East Preston, Lake Echo by the Community Centre and McCoy’s Pond by Churchlake Drive in Lake Echo, Porters Lake and Middle Porters Lake. The municipality reminds all citizens to ensure ice conditions are safe, and to exercise extreme caution when walking, skating or participating in other outdoor events on frozen lakes this winter season. For more information about Ice Safety Tips, please visit the Canadian Red Cross web-page site: http://www.redcross.ca/trainingand-certification/swimming-and-water-safety-tipsand-resources/swimming–boating-and-water-safetytips/ice-safety


February 2021 will mark the 37th year Nova Scotians have celebrated African Heritage Month. This year’s theme is Black History Matters: Listen, Learn, Share, Act. It will pay tribute to African Nova Scotians and their long legacy and history an important part of NS culture and heritage. Recognizing that African Nova Scotians are a distinct founding people in Nova Scotia who have been a key part of the province’s culture and history since 1605. This aligns with the aims of the United Nation’s International Decade for People of African Descent (DPAD). The goal of DPAD is to

strengthen global cooperation in support of people of African descent as they strive for full inclusion in all aspects of society. Our Province has over 50 historic African Nova Scotian communities, dating back over 400 years. These communities have a unique and rich legacy of resistance, resilience and triumph that needs to be shared with all. The DPAD Coalition’s mission is twofold: to build strength and health across African Nova Scotian communities, and to forge a renewed working relationship with government(s) that creates conditions for all African-descended people

in Nova Scotia to thrive For more DPAD information: www.ansdpad.ca . Also the Office of African Nova Scotian Affairs (ANSA) provides event listings as an information sharing service. Check out the ANSA web-site for its calendar of special community events and functions at:

https://ansa.novascotia.ca/calendar . Events are subject to change especially during this COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. To update any program date or event details, contact ansa_newsletter@novascotia.ca  or by to fax 902-424-7189. You can also check out their Facebook Page: Office of African Nova Scotian Affairs.


HomeWarming helps Nova Scotians living on a low wage save money on heating bills and feel more comfortable in their homes. For free, no catch!

HomeWarming offers no-charge energy assessments and home upgrades to income-qualified homeowners. If an efficiency audit discovers that upgrades will help reduce heating and power bills, they will be installed at no cost to the homeowner. Clean Foundation and Efficiency Nova Scotia are working together to offer low-income homeowners these free energy efficiency improvements. Clean looks after electrically heated homes, while Efficiency NS takes care of houses with non-electric heat sources. The program is supported by NS Power and the NS Government.

Interested homeowners seek more information at www.HomeWarming.ca or you can speak confidentially with a Service Advisor about program eligibility by e-mail: outreach@homewarming.ca  or by calling: 902-818-1926 or Toll-free 1-877-434-2136. There is no application deadline.


The Provincial Heating Assistance Rebate Program (HARP) provides help to lower-income Nova Scotians with the cost of home heating. You qualify for this program if you pay a heating bill for either fuel oil, propane, or electricity at your current residence and meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • live alone with income of $29,000 or less;
  • live with others and have a combined household

income of $44,000 or less;

  • receive Income Assistance from the Department of

Community Services, OR;

  • receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement from

Service Canada.

If your personal or financial situation has changed since last year, you still may qualify. Examples of changes include becoming widowed, getting divorced or legally separated, losing your job, or having the custody of your children change. To find out if you qualify, please contact Service Nova Scotia by phone: 902-424-5200 or Toll-free at 1-800-670-4357. You can find the HARP application form at: http://novascotia.ca/programs/heating-assistance-rebate-program/ . Rebates range from $100 to $200. You must apply by March 31st. Send your completed and signed HARP application

form, heating bill or receipt, and any other required documents to: NS Heating Assistance Rebate Program, PO Box 641, CRO, Halifax, NS B3J 2T3 or fax it to 902-428-2164.


In collaboration with the local RCMP detachments and the Chambers of Commerce in Musquodoboit Harbour and Sheet Harbour and having the

cooperation of NSTIR, I had four sets of Crosswalk Safety Flags installed at each of the sanctioned crosswalks on Hwy #7 in each of these two communities. The ‘flag kits’ were installed by Norm Collins and the Crosswalk Safety Society. Each kit includes two crosswalk flag buckets and 30 crosswalk flags. Normally 10 flags are placed out for use when the buckets are installed and provide another 20 spare flags for replacement and /or replenishment. Crosswalk Safety brochures are available at the local RCMP detachment and branch libraries. And whenever more crosswalks get approved, then more of these flags will be available at crosswalks. For more information on the Crosswalk Safety Society of Nova Scotia can be found at: www.crosswalksafetysociety.ca