Hello Summer Aug 2018


HRM will be celebrating its 123rd Natal Day during August 3rd-6th. There’s plenty of events and activities to partake in during this Civic Holiday weekend. Go to www.natalday.org  on Twitter @hfxcivicevents or on Facebook: Halifax Civic Events


The 40th Anniversary Clam Harbour Beach Sandcastle Competition will be held on August 12th Rain or Shine. Park gates open at 9:00 am. You can find additional information at http://www.facebook.com/clamharboursandcastle.


The Halifax Regional Centre for Education (HRCE), formerly known as the Halifax Regional School Board (HRSB), transports more than 24,000 students to and from school every day. The HRCE uses an external provider, Stock Transportation, to provide the bulk of these services. The overall student population of the HRCE is increasing each year, as is the number of students who qualify for pupil transportation. Students will continue to receive transportation if they live 2.4 km or further (Grades Primary-6) and 3.6 km or further (Grades 7-12) from school.

Students can apply for Courtesy Bussing if they live inside the prescribed distances. A seat may be allotted as a courtesy when there is space on the bus, after all eligible students are assigned and if there is no impact to the route. To apply for a courtesy seat, parents/guardians must log in to the HREC “BusPlanner” site at https://hrce.mybusplanner.ca/ and complete the online form “Request for Courtesy Bussing”. All courtesy seat applications received by August 3rd   will be considered for the start of school in September. Parents/guardians who have submitted a request by August 3rd, will be informed no later than August 27th, whether their request for courtesy bussing has been approved.

More information on this subject can be found at:

www.hrsb.ca/about-our-schools/student-transportation or call the HRCE Student Transportation staff at 902-464-2000 ext. 2871.


The Province is proposing coastal protection legislation with clear rules on what can and cannot be done in areas next to the coast. This will help ensure that new construction happens in places that are less likely to be threatened by coastal erosion, rising sea levels and storm surges. If you live near the coastline, rely on it for your livelihood, or are concerned about the impact of rising sea levels on coastal communities – it is time to have your say. On June 26th, NS Dept. of the Environment launched a public consultation process about   future coastal protection legislation. The public can have their say on-line by visiting www.novascotia.ca/coast The consultation will be open until Friday, August 17th. Those that do not have access to the Internet can request a paper copy by calling 902-424-2547.


For more than 400 years now, Acadians have been on the Nova Scotian territory and have hence, become part of the community. Today they contribute to the province’s economy, culture, political life and education, just like all other Nova Scotians. Everywhere in the world, August 15th is recognized as Acadian Day and Halifax is no exception to that fact. This time of celebration is very important for the Acadian community of the area. Be sure to drop by L’Acadie de Chezzetcook Museum and Information Centre anytime at 79 Hill Road in West Chezzetcook. Check out their Facebook Page (en francais) or their web-site www.acadiedechezzetcook.ca for more information on events throughout the year.


Just a reminder that the weekly Green Bin organic cart collection throughout the entire municipality will continue for the summer right up until the end of September. To clarify what should go into your cart, go to: www.halifax.ca/home-property/garbage-recycling-green-cart/green-carts-leaf-yard-material.  Call 311 for more details. You can get the HalifaxRecycles App for your mobile device to get a weekly reminder of what and when is your next collection day for your address. It also helps you search out what goes where when you are source separating your garbage. It’s simple to use and do. Also “Like” the HalifaxRecyles Facebook page too.


Mus Go Rider has received a Provincial Grant to conduct a Feasibility Study of providing a possible “flex-fix” rural transit service along Route 207 from the Porters Lake Transit Terminal to the Portland Hills Transit Terminal that would serve the communities of Porters Lake, West Chezzetcook, Grand Desert, Seaforth, Three Fathom Harbour, East Lawrencetown, Lawrencetown, and Cole Harbour. It is proposed to travel the length of 207 Highway with stops at most subdivision street intersections along the way. There would be loop run into the Carter & Romans / Hayley Acres subdivision area because of their distance from the highway and the ease of access into and from the area. There will also be a direct connection to Cole Harbour Place to access those services and the nearby high schools. In total its about a 40km trek one way. The study will have some public engagement sessions and information meetings during the upcoming autumn months. More details will follow when   they become available. Follow them on their “Mus Go Rider Cooperative” Facebook Page and Website www.musgorider.com for more information.


With the recent drought conditions over the past couple of years, the Province has granted the municipalities the ability to offer some assistance to help in rectifying the problem. HRM has approved a new bylaw whereby landowners that are experiencing inadequate water supply on their home property can apply to the municipality to assist with the financing of drilling a new well or seek other water supply alternatives. Basically   taking out a loan from HRM that places a lien on your property like a local betterment charge. This is similar arrangement for the Solar City Program. More information about HRM Bylaw C-1000 can be found at: www.halifax.ca/sites/default/files/documents/city-hall/legislation-by-laws/By-law-C-1000.pdf  or contact Rose Preston at prestor@halifax.ca or call 311 or 902-490-4197 for an application form.


The Interim Community Museums Grant Program provides operating and project-specific grants to registered non-profit organizations and charities located within HRM that operate a community museum as defined in HRM Administrative Order 2018-010-ADM. www.halifax.ca/sites/default/files/documents/business/grants/Administrative%20Order%20Community%20Musuems.pdf  This program will be in effect for 3 years pending review in relation to the proposed HRM Culture & Heritage Priorities Plan. Application deadline is September 10th for the balance of this current fiscal year 2018-19. Then there is January 31st, 2019 for the 2019-20 fiscal year and January 31st, 2020 for the 2020-21 fiscal year. More information can be found at:



The Lake & Shore Community Recreation Centre in collaboration with the NS Food Truck Association will be hosting a Food Truck Rally on Thursday, Aug. 23rd from 4-8 PM. This is a rain or shine event. It will be at the back parking lot of the Porters Lake Elementary School – 40 Inspiration Drive, just off Hwy 107 Exit 20. Drop by for some tasty sensational food offerings.


The fourth annual Porters Lake Triathlon event will be held on Sunday morning, August 26th starting from 8AM until 12 Noon. Registration opens at 630 AM. It originates from the Kinap Canoe & Kayak Club at 181 Greenough Drive, in West Porters Lake. The swimming portion is held there, then the Bicycle Road Race goes out along the Crowell Road and Route 207 through East Lawrencetown and Three Fathom Harbour and then returns to West Porters Lake for the Foot Run Race through Inverary Green subdivision. Please be on the lookout for the participants as they are passing through our picturesque area. For more details, check their Facebook Page for contact information and race entry fees.


After extensive research and public engagement, the development of the Halifax Green Network Plan (HGNP) is now complete and provides the detailed direction needed to help guide municipal decisions related to the sustainable management of HRM’s network of parks and natural open spaces. The HGNP was initiated in 2015 after the adoption of the 2014 HRM Regional Plan. The key objectives and actions contained in the final version of the HGNP are based on five theme areas: 1. Ecology; 2. Working Landscapes; 3. Community Shaping; 4. Outdoor Recreation; and 5. Cultural Landscapes. The HGNP recommends a total of 79 actions needed to effectively support the plan’s vision, goals and objectives. For more details about the HRM Staff report and the HGNP, go to: www.halifax.ca/sites/default/files/documents/city-hall/standing-committees/180709cped81.pdf  or www.halifax.ca/HalifaxGreenNetwork