The 2022 Natal Day events on Monday, August 1st and the Annual Clam Harbour Beach Sandcastle & Sand Sculpture Competition will resume this year. After a two-year hiatus, this will be the 42nd Sandcastle Day on Sunday August 21st. Remember to be safe & stay well! So, bring along sunscreen and sanitizer.


Last year all MPs in Parliament voted unanimously to recognize and celebrate August 1st as Emancipation Day. This day marks the anniversary date when the British Parliament abolished slavery in the British Empire back on August 1st, 1834 and recognizes the heritage and contributions of Canada’s people of African descent have made and continue to make.


Everywhere in the world, August 15th is recognized as National Acadian Day. This is a time of celebration for the Acadian community which is also the religious feast day “The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary” – the patron Saint of the Acadian people. Be sure to drop by L’Acadie de Chezzetcook Museum and Information Centre at 79 Hill Road in West Chezzetcook for a Kitchen Party and other celebrations on Saturday & Sunday, August 13th & 14th. Check out their Facebook Page and/or website: 


HRM Community Grants Program is being reviewed and updated to better serve our communities. This survey is particularly intended to seek feedback from non-profit organizations or charities but is open for all residents to provide feedback. The HRM Community Grants Program supports the contribution of volunteers in providing a range of leisure, learning, and recreational opportunities for residents and the provision of programs, services, and amenities to enhance public safety and the well-being of individuals and families with special needs:


Cain Street and Churchill Terrace in North Preston will be getting repaved with some stormwater and sidewalk enhancements to better connect the Nelson Whynder Elementary School with the local Day Care Centre and Community Centre. As the best bid for this recapitalization tender (HRM 22-220), $1,922,176.00 was awarded to Dexter Construction Co. Ltd. Construction will hopefully be completed before school resumes in September.


The Marine Riders ATV Club has reconstituted itself and is now rebranded and formally known as the Marine Riders Trail Association (MRTA). This was necessary for them to do in order to qualify for more federal and provincial funding that is normally denied to ATV organizations. Also, it makes them more inclusive to involve other trail users such as walkers, cyclists and horseback riders. The MRTA are working on a plan to revitalize the Blueberry Run Trail, a multi-use trail from Seaforth to Porters Lake, with special emphasis on rebuilding the partially submerged trail corridor through Robinson Pond between Rutters Court and Causeway Road. The missing link of the Great Trail. So, join up and help them make this happen. Check out their Facebook Page or website: … Happy Trails for All!


HRM submitted Joel Crescent & Queens Road in Lawrencetown to the provincial government and received notice on May 4th, confirming these two streets have been approved for paving under the 2022/23 Aid to Municipality Cost Sharing Program. This paving program is an agreement between the Province and NS municipalities to upgrade provincially owned/maintained gravel roads up to an asphalt standard. The Province pays 50% of the total construction costs, and the Municipality and the affected residents cover 16.67% and 33.33%, respectively. These two streets were picked because they still qualified for the cost-sharing since they were still owned by the Province before June 1st.

The estimated rate for the paving of Joel Crescent & Queens Road is $8,496.53 per property. This estimated rate is subject to change, and the final rate will be calculated when the actual cost of the project has been determined (at the end of construction). The billing process generally begins within 12 months after construction is complete.. Final billings for all Local Improvement projects are payable over a 10-year period, with the first installment due 30 days after the billing date. Installments are due on the anniversary date of the original billing. Billings may also be paid in full at any time if the abutter wishes.

The interest is set at a rate equal to the prime rate of the Municipality’s banker plus two percentage points on the date that notification of the local improvement project is issued. The Municipality has programs available to assist customers, including the ability to set up a payment plan where customers pay smaller monthly amounts instead of a larger annual lump sum. And the petition process is no longer in effect since HRM is contributing 1/6th of the cost, hence lowering the property owners contribution from 1/2 to 1/3 of the Local Improvement Rate.


The former Eastern Consolidated Elementary School in Moser River will be demolished this summer. HRM Tender 22-150 was awarded to the lowest qualified bidder – Dexter Construction Co. Ltd. for $344,088. It’s unfortunate this building sat vacant for so many years and fell into disrepair. Once the site has been razed, perhaps a community housing development project could be considered for the land.


The Sheet Harbour Marina Association will be receiving $50,000 from the Municipality to engage professional services to complete a Marina Spatial Plan and Comprehensive Business Plan for the development of a marina facility on the East River across from Marine Drive Academy on Church Point Road in Sheet Harbour. For more details please refer to the HRM Staff report:


HRM has received ISO 37120 Platinum Certification from the World Council on City Data (WCCD). This certification recognizes the high calibre of the Municipality’s data, which is reflected in its reporting of 90 indicators in accordance with ISO 37120 standards for the 2020/21 fiscal year. The WCCD is a non-profit organization that administers ISO 37120 – Sustainable Cities – the first globally comparative international standard on city indicators. There are over 100 cities worldwide with this certification. To learn more, read the WCCD information report: www. .To learn more about the HRM open data sets, visit:


A permit is required for above-ground or in-ground pools. To obtain these permits, details of pool location, fencing and security must be identified as specified in HRM By-law S-700. This applies to all swimming pools with a diameter of 11ft or more and a depth of 2ft or more. They should be completely enclosed with a 5ft high fence. For all details, visit: