PUBLIC INPUT ON RP+5 DRAFT PLAN During mid-June, HRM and its Community Design Advisory Committee (CDAC) invited residents to review and provide input on the new draft Regional Plan (RP) as part of the 5 year plan review (RP+5) on how future growth and development should unfold in our region. Proposed changes will have an impact on HRM’s future decision-making and land-use regulations. You can review the revised RP+5 at and see what public comments were made at those open houses. Information displays outlining all proposed changes to the RP and HRM staff were on hand to answer questions one-on-one. If you were not unable to attend any of those meetings, you can still provide input about RP+5 process through social media at and @PlanHRM on Twitter, or submit a letter via email at or regular mail to Halifax Regional Municipality, Regional Planning office, 2nd Floor, 40 Alderney Drive, PO Box 1749, Halifax, NS B3J 3A5. Deadline for submissions has been extended to July 19th. For more information on the current draft of the RP visit There are 2 more  open-houses: Wed. July 10th at Gaetz Brook Legion & Tues. July 16th at Sheet Harbour Lions Centre. Both public sessions are from 430-8 PM.


Throughout the month of June, HRM’s African Nova Scotia Affairs Integration Office ( ANSAIO ) has been holding consultation sessions within African Nova Scotian (ANS) communities. These consultation sessions were to provide feedback to help the ANSAIO and HRM in strengthening its service delivery to ANS communities and persons of African descent.  For information on these sessions and the HRM-ANSAIO, see: .  Residents may contact  with any questions they may have had about those sessions. Or contact Sylvia Parris – Manager, HRM-ANSAIO at 490-3326 or .


The Lake Charlotte Area Heritage Society has launched its “One in One Campaign” to raise $1,000,000 by May 29th, 2014. The money raised from this campaign will go directly into the Eastern Shore Heritage Preservation Endowment Fund. Established in 2009, this fund will provide a stable annual income from the interest earned on the investment to help achieve their heritage mission in perpetuity. Over the next few years the interest earned will carry out the Eastern Shore Heritage Fieldwork Initiative. This initiative will professionally record the personal stories, recollections, knowledge and documents of the elders of the Eastern Shore – before this opportunity is lost forever. This will also document the coastal heritage of how people lived, worked, worshipped and played – so that Memory Lane Heritage Village can authentically preserve and present the heritage of our coastal communities for future generations. The Heritage Society chose the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia (CFNS) to administer the Endowment Fund because of their expertise and knowledge in managing similar endowment funds. By being part of a community foundation the money raised during the `One in One Campaign will be invested and managed long-term in the best possible way – maximizing the heritage work the Society can do with the donations received. But, they cannot achieve the overall goal of the Eastern Shore Heritage Preservation Endowment Fund – to preserve in perpetuity the heritage of the Eastern Shore from Lawrencetown to Ecum Secum – without your help. If you have an interest in the Eastern Shore, whether as a resident, a visitor, or one of the many thousands living elsewhere with Eastern Shore roots, please explore their web-site further and consider making a donation:  . Thanks for being One in a Million !


The HRM Community Grants Program awards annual cash grants to locally registered non-profit organizations. The focus of these grants is

the provision of modest financial assistance to community-based volunteer initiatives. The 2013-2014 program received 140 applications for a combined value of $1,310,639.78 in requests.  It was recommended to approve 71 awards for a combined value of $429,483.00 .

Here is a listing of local awards in our area :

Sheet Harbour & Area Ground Search & Rescue – $20,000 for the construction of a multi-bay garage for emergency equipment storage.

Sheet Harbour Rockets Association – $12,000 for facility repairs to their ball field lighting.

Deanery Project Co-operative in Ship Harbour – $10.000 for building repairs and upgrades.

Arthur Kidston Memorial Camp in Moose River – $10,000 for Site Remediation.

St. James Community Hall Society in Head of Jeddore – $7,000 for building furnace upgrades.

Hope for Wildlife Society in Seaforth – $7,000 for outdoor cages and live trap equipment.

Black Ice Hockey & Sports Hall of Fame Society of Dartmouth – $4,000 for design and fabrication of four interpretation panels.

Calvin United Church in Lawrencetown – $3,500 for upgrades to make their  EMO comfort centre washrooms fully accessible.

NS Home for Coloured Children – $3,216 for Community Garden Shed and Equipment.

Musquodoboit Harbour & District Lions Club – $3,000 for building kitchen upgrades.

Icelandic Memorial Society of NS in Markland (near Moose River Gold Mines) – $3,000 for production of a self-promotional marketing DVD.

Lake Charlotte & Area Historical Society – $3,000 for performing arts – musical equipment.

Parish of Saint Barnabas / St. John’s Church Hall in Necum Teuch – $2,500 for building restoration towards replacement of exterior shingles and insulation.

Tangier Gold Mines Historical Society – $2,000 for replacement of interpretation panel at the Prince Alfred’s Arch.


Canada Post is doing some more Rural Mailbox Traffic Safety Reviews along the Eastern Shore. This time the traffic safety review will be in the communities that are served by the rural Postal Stations of Head Jeddore, Oyster Pond, and Lake Charlotte. Those affected residents will receive a customer letter, brochure and an Adcard. If a rural mailbox meets the traffic safety criteria and no adjustments are needed, a letter of explanation will be delivered to the customer and delivery will continue as usual. If a rural mailbox fails the traffic safety criteria or adjustments are needed, Canada Post will meet with those customers to explain the results and discuss their options. Some customers may have the opportunity to relocate their rural mailbox to a safer location so delivery can continue, while others who cannot, will be given the option of changing to either a Community Mailbox (CMB) in the area or a free PO Box at any post office or postal outlet of their choice. When it comes to installing CMBs, Canada Post will work closely with the NS Dept. of Transportation to obtain the necessary approvals and permits. If you have any questions about this review, please call Canada Post Customer Service line at 1-866-501-1669.


HRM Festival and Events Grant program is used to support annual, small scale, local community events in various categories. Here is a list of local awards for this year`s first in-take so far:

  • Africa Festival of Arts & Culture  $1,000
  • Lake Echo Lions Fiesta Days  $1,000
  • Lake & Shore – Canada Day  $500

All Festivals and Events and Marketing Levy Special Events Reserve grant candidate applications for this year`s second in-take will be “pre-screened” to confirm they qualify for a grant. Applications have opened again on the last Friday in May and closes on the last Friday in August . For questions or comments on HRM Civic Events Granting Process, please contact HRM Community & Recreation Services – Paul Forrest at Alderney Gate, 2nd  Floor,  P.O. Box 1749,  Halifax, N.S. B3J 3A5 or phone: 490-6979 or by


Eastlink has made applications for two  telecommunication cell towers in Spry Bay and Beech Hill areas. Case # 18553 is for a 76.2 metre telecommunications tower at the rear of a 32.5 acre lot off of Maple Hill Drive and Highway  # 7, on PID# 00371864, in Spry Bay.  And Case # 18556 is for another 76.2 metre telecommunications tower on Highway # 7 on PID# 40199150, in Beech Hill between Lake Charlotte and Ship Harbour. For more information, please contact: HRM Planner – Jennifer Chapman at 490-3999 or by e-mail at .


The Musquodoboit Harbour & Area Community Association (MHACA) – formerly the Ratepayers’ & Residents’ Association has reformed itself to encompass a larger area. Now the community organization includes everyone who lives within the Eastern Shore (West) Municipal Planning Strategy from Ship Harbour to the easterly border of Gaetz Brook and as far up Route 357 to Crawford`s Bridge at Meaghers Grant. They do have representation from various communities within this greater area and want to encourage more to participate in their planning and promotional plans. For more details; go to : for MHACA updates. Or contact MHACA Chair – Dee Dwyer at 889-2429 or


On May 14th, HRM Regional Council awarded Tender 13-233 for the Metro-X Park & Ride terminal on Inspiration Drive by Hwy 107 Exit 20 in Porters Lake to Dexter Construction Company Limited for a total tender price of $638,960.32 for Project Account No. CMX01104 – Rural Community Transit for the expansion of the Metro-X Rural Express transit service. This expansion includes the construction of a Park & Ride facility located across from the Porters Lake Elementary School and the Lake and Shore Recreation Centre. It will include approximately 135 parking spaces, and a separate bus loop. Metro-X is a limited-stop, commuter express service operated by Metro Transit. The need for this service was identified by the HRM Regional Transit Plan – Park and Ride, Express and Rural Transportation Services study completed in 2007. There are currently two Metro-X services, the Route 330 Tantallon / Sheldrake Lake and the Route 320 Airport / Fall River. The proposed service to Porters Lake – Route 370 – will be a commuter based express service that will operate on weekdays, primarily during peak hours. The anticipated launch of the service will be in November 2013.