Starting the week of September 24th, households throughout HRM should have received Voter Notification Letters in the mail related to the upcoming 2012 Municipal, School Board and the Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial (CSAP) – French School Board General Elections that will be held on Saturday, October 20th.  The information cards advise residents of their polling locations as to where and when they can cast their ballot and instructions on how to vote early during the Advanced Voting period.

This year, you can vote early from your place of work, home or anywhere else via telephone or by the internet. Advanced Electronic Voting occurs anytime from Saturday, October 6th at 8 AM until Friday, October 18th at 7 PM.  You must use your Personal Identification Number (PIN) with instructions provided on your Voter Notification Letter. For more details about on-line or phone voting; go to :  .

There will also be 13 polling stations for the new District 2 where you can vote in person on Saturday, October 20th from 8 AM – 7 PM :

Poll 201 – Samuel Balcom Centre, Port Dufferin
Poll 202 – Duncan Macmillan High – Sheet Harbour
Poll 203 – Tangier Fire Hall Station 30
Poll 204 – Ship Harbour Community Hall
Poll 205 – Oyster Pond Academy School
Poll 206 – Eastern Shore District High
Poll 207 – Chezzetcook Lions Club Hall
Poll 208 – Porters Lake Elementary School
Poll 209 – East Preston Recreation Centre
Poll 210 – Atlantic View Elementary School
Poll 211 – Nelson Whynder School – North Preston
Special Poll 212 – Harbourview Lodge, Sheet Hbr
Special Poll 213 – The Birches, Musquodoboit Hbr

More general election information is available on the HRM web-site at  (click on the HRM Elections Icon or call the HRM Elections Office at 490-8683 ( VOTE ) for more details. Please make the effort to vote.
HRM is launching a new electronic newsletter to broadly share information on municipal programs, services and priorities, and to generally promote awareness of what matters to our municipality. Each issue will also include links to Council contacts and district information, and to HRM’s online calendar for upcoming meetings and events. This newsletter will be dubbed “Grand Parade” to evoke a virtual town square for citizens where information is gathered and shared. It will be circulated 10 times per year. The name also reflects the parade of stories, the forward momentum of the municipality, and the positive, celebratory feeling of the publication. Results from recent citizen surveys show that many HRM residents want direct e-mail communication from the municipality on topics such as events and festivals, transit, development projects, tax dollar spending, and Council decisions. The “Grand Parade” Newsletter is the next step toward integrating e-mail, website, and social media platforms to proactively share relevant information about our municipality. I trust you will be interested in receiving the “Grand Parade”. Visit to subscribe. HRM’ also has a Twitter account: @hfxgov

Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency Services is currently recruiting volunteer fire-fighters for the communities of: Lake Echo; Lawrencetown; Chezzetcook; Musquodoboit Harbour; Ostrea Lake; Oyster Pond; Tangier; Mooseland; Mushaboom; Sheet Harbour; Three Harbours; Port Dufferin; & Moser River. For more information, please check out:    or call 490-5530 or 478-1702.

As of October 15th (weather permitting) and whether or not the NS Forest Weather Index (FWI) is at a low to moderate reading, the Open-Air Burning Season outside the HRM Urban No-Burn Zone will be allowed where provincial permits will not be necessary. However; HRM burning permits are still required but at no charge. Local HRM Fire Departments still have the right to limit the number of municipal permits issued in an area. For more information about open-air burning by-law and safe practices, go to:   Please be very careful when burning !

FINAL  TAX  BILL  DUE   –  OCT. 31st
HRM sends out its property tax bills in two phases and invoices all property owners twice each year. The Final Tax Bill was mailed out in September with a final due date of Wednesday, October 31st. The tax calculation is based on the taxable assessed value of the property multiplied by the applicable tax rate. The taxable assessed value is determined by the Property Valuation Services Corporation – The tax rate is the sum of two levies – a general rate ( Urban, Suburban or Rural ) and any area tax rates within a district. To understand your tax-bill better, please refer to this link: