On May 4th HRM Council approved $833 Million 4 in total municipal expenditures, provincial mandatory contributions of $173.Million and a capital plan of $177.9 Million as part of the 2021/22 municipal budget. Council approved a residential tax rate increase of 1.0%. The average single-family home tax bill will increase by $21. The overall average commercial tax bill will also increase by 1.0 %. Debt will remain stable and should be as low as $241.2 Million in 2021/22. Our goal was to strike an appropriate balance between responsibly managing tax rates and recognizing the need to invest in the programs, services and projects that are good for the economy and social development while creating vibrant communities to live in especially under the significant pressures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. HRM will continue to invest strategically in many exciting projects and initiatives to ensure we can continue to meet the needs of residents and visitors to the municipality for generations to come.

Some of the key programs & capital projects are as follows:

• Electric Bus Procurement $900,000

• Mill Cove Ferry Service $2.9 Million

• Active Transportation $3.3 Million

• HalifACT 2050 – Efficiency $2 Million

• Urban Forestry Plan $1.3 Million

• Municipal Road Safety & Street Calming $3 Million

• Enhanced Bus Stop Clearing $2 Million

• Park Land Acquisition $1.5 Million

• Park Recapitalization $9 Million

• Non-profit tax rebate for affordable housing increase $450,000

For more detailed information on the 2021-22 HRM Budget visit www.halifax.ca/budget

Here is a list of various HRM capital work projects slated for our District 2 area:

Street Recapitalization/Repaving:

• Cain Street & Churchill Terrace in North Preston

New Sidewalk:

• Cain Street from School to Daycare/Rec Centre

Bridge Work:

• Walker Bridge/Little Salmon River—Replacement Detailed Design 

Community Association Grants for AT Projects:

• Atlantic View Trail connect to MacDonald House

• Gaetz Brook Greenway—Culvert Engineering

Inspection and Replacement Plan

• Musquodoboit Harbour Trailway—Truss Bridge

Recapitalization Study

Cost-Shared Paving of Subdivision Streets:

(Awaiting approval from the Province)

• Churchlake Drive—Lake Echo

• Lake Eagle Drive—East Preston 

• Lakemist Court—East Preston

Proposed Crack Sealing of Municipal Streets:

(Pending contract bid pricing)

• Deermist Drive—West Porters Lake

• Emerald Drive—Three Fathom Harbour 

• Gammon Lake Drive—Lawrencetown 

• Norwood Court—Porters Lake


During Canadian Environment Week (CEW) there are many special dedicated days to heighten the awareness of various environmental causes such as World Environment Day (June 5th) and World Oceans Day(June8th).For more Information about CEW, go to: www.canada.ca/en/environment-climate-change/services/canadian-environment-week.html

During CEW and throughout the year, we are urged to reflect on the many ways we can take action to protect and preserve our natural surroundings. 

Also from June 8th–14th is “Rivers to Oceans Week” which is an opportunity to work together to create an understanding of watersheds, our connection to fresh and salt-water environments and what everyone can do to protect it. 

Check out the efforts of Scotian Shores at: www.scotianshores.com  and on Facebook. Help them with their shoreline clean- ups across this province. A beach somewhere needs you! Let’s keep them pristine and clean.


As a part of the 2021–22 HRM Budget is the resumption of weekly organic green cart collection. However; HRM Council also decided to reduce the blue bag recyclable collection to bi-weekly instead of weekly. This particular service adjustment will impact the urban HRM where it was a weekly service. These changes come into effect on July 2nd. The weekly organic green cart collection program will be for a three month period during July, August and September.


Due to the latest COVID-19 Circuit Breaker restrictions, the NS Adopt A Highway regrettably must put a pause their community clean-up programs. Please check their website: www.nsadoptahighway.ca/register-a-clean-up/ or social media for updates on their litter pick- me-up programs as this pandemic situation evolves. They will be accepting new registrations as soon as it is safe to do so. So if you wish to reschedule your clean- up or have any questions, please email them at : info@nsadoptahighway.ca


On Sunday, June 6th will be the centennial milestone for the Old Home. There were plans to commemorate the official opening of the NS Home for Colored Children 100 years ago but the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has reduced them to a virtual ceremony instead starting at 2 PM that day. It is hoped that there will be an opportunity to mark this significant historical

occasion later on in the year with an open house of the renovated old orphanage building. 

Recently the Federal Government has given them a $1.5 Million grant to assist and complete the renovations and upgrades to the Old Home to convert it into an intergenerational community hub with a café, salon, Seniors drop-in centre, meeting rooms and offices. For more details: www.Akoma.ca or www.nshcc100.ca or their Facebook Page: Akoma Family Centre Inc./Akoma Holdings Inc.


Every year HRM presents a Citizenship Award to outstanding Grade 9 students throughout the municipality. The recipients are chosen based on qualities of leadership in their school and community, and commendable performance in the courses in which they are enrolled. This year the following students from our district were bestowed with this honour:

• Grayce Jane Rutherford—Marine Drive Academy 

• Liz Bourbonniere—Armbrae Academy

• Faith MacKinnon—Gaetz Brook Junior High

• Sophie LeMarquand—Ross Road Junior High

• Jamya Burrell—Graham Creighton Junior High 

• Sebastien DeJong—École Secondaire Mosaïque

Great efforts by these outstanding students!


I want to congratulate all the Class of 2021 Graduates in High School, Community College, and University. Even though this COVID 19 Pandemic has disturbed and

disrupted your school year and forced social distancing from your classmates, there will be time in the future to celebrate in person. But in the meantime, cherish your accomplishments virtually. May each of you find your own path in life that leads to many successes and the best of luck with your future endeavours.


The Halifax Regional Centre for Education (HRCE) is now planning for the 2021-22 school year. It is absolutely vital that HRCE has the most up-to-date enrolment numbers NOW to ensure that schools are staffed with the right number of teachers and other resources to best support students in the Fall. It’s also critical for their Pupil Transportation Team to have this information to route eligible students for busing. Please contact them via e-mail: registration@hrce.ca or call 902-464-2000. More details can be found at: www.hrce.ca/about-hrce/school-administration/student-registration/registration-process-2021-22-school-year