Back on April 11th, during Volunteer Appreciation Month, HRM honoured 64 volunteers and 2 community groups from across the municipality. The following seven individuals from District 2 received recognition from their respective organizations for their tremendous contribution to their respective communities: posthumously to the late David Kerr & Ron David, and to Lorri Arnold, Anne Bennett, Carole
Jones, Ivory Provo and Shirley Tolhurst. Also, the Sheet Harbour Lions Club was recognized in the Community Group category. Thanks to all of you!


Emergency Preparedness (EP) Week is May 6th–12th, Everyone should be prepared and able to take care of themselves for a 72-hour period from any potential harm caused by a significant weather event or incident. Our district is very fortunate to have two Joint Emergency Management (JEM) Teams: Eastern Shore JEM (Cole Harbour to Ship Harbour) and Sheet Harbour JEM (East Ship Harbour to Ecum Secum).

For more details about them please go to:

On Saturday May 12th, 10AM – 1PM, the twelfth annual ‘JEM Jamboree’ will be at the Porters Lake Atlantic Superstore parking lot. Their plan is to continue promoting efforts in emergency preparedness, training & community readiness. Our JEM Teams are looking for volunteers.

Here’s more EP information: or @nsemo


Since April 6th, the Canadian Radio & Television Commission (CRTC) requires that all wireless service providers participate in the National Public Alerting System (NPAS) and begin distribution of wireless public emergency alerts on their long-term evolution
(LTE) networks. Emergency alert messages are issued by public officials who are designated by the federal government or by our province to warn the public of imminent or unfolding hazards to life and property (e.g., fire, natural disasters, biological threats,
hazardous materials, environmental disasters, civil emergencies). These officials are also responsible for issuing scheduled test messages. Each year, during Emergency Preparedness (EP) Week in May, wireless service providers and broadcasters will distribute a test alert.

Read more about alert types and testing at

For more information about the NPAS:


The Nova Scotia Lieutenant Governor’s Community Spirit Award celebrates the power, strength and diversity of vibrant communities across our province. Up to four Nova Scotian communities are honoured each year.  Recipients are chosen by a selection committee based on community applications that best fit the award’s criteria. Communities selected for the award promote citizen engagement, civic pride and a positive outlook on the future. Application deadline is May 31st, 2018.

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Residents can drop off the following items at a local mobile Household Special Waste (HSW) Depot:

  • batteries;
  • leftover liquid
  • paint;
  • leftover corrosive cleaners;
  • pesticides/ herbicides;
  • old or mixed gasoline;
  • fuel oil & used motor oil;
  • solvents & thinners;
  • BBQ propane tanks;
  • small propane cylinders;
  • aerosol spray cans containing hazardous substances;
  • pharmaceuticals & drugs; and
  • smoke detectors.

There will be a mobile drop-off depot at the Porters Lake Metro-X Park & Ride Terminal on Inspiration Drive by Hwy #107 Exit 20 on Saturday, May 26th from 9AM – 4PM. There will be other mobile depots later in the year on Saturdays, June 16th at Mic Mac Mall and on September 8th at Oyster Pond Academy parking lot.

For a complete list of other dates and locations of these HSW Drop-off Depots, go to:

Here’s a special note for alternatives to some household hazardous materials that can be used: Visit


The Smart Cities Challenge is a $300 Million, eleven-year project that the Federal Government announced in its 2017 Budget. The program is a merit based competition amongst Canadian communities. First prize is worth up to $50 Million. Then there are two prizes up to $10 Million and another prize up to $5 Million. The Smart Cities Challenge is not about municipal infrastructure, it is about social change. HRM has prepared an application focused on poverty reduction and improving food security. It is being done in collaboration with the United Way and Halifax Partnership. While HRM is blessed with thriving farmland and sea, and has one of the fastest growing economies in the country, it is still hard for some people to access nutritious and affordable food. Our application and its related staff reports and presentations will be made public on April 25th after it has been submitted for consideration. It will be posted
on: and on


Back in 2010, HRM Council approved a uniform charge of $11.84 for all residential and commercial properties within the Eastern Shore–East Municipal Planning Area from East Ship Harbour to Ecum Secum. This was put into place to fund the construction and on-going maintenance for the three kilometres of sidewalk infrastructure in Sheet Harbour. This was done in response to public meetings held back in 2008, where there was consensus at that time for a uniform charge to cover a community contribution equal to 10% of the total project cost. Based on a project cost
estimate at the time of $3,434,200, the community contribution would be $343,420. It was determined that the full amount would be paid out in less than 8 years. In anticipation of the depletion of this amount, HRM Council gave direction that prior to the 2017-18 fiscal year, a review of that area rate be done to determine the level at which it should be set to provide funding for ongoing operating and maintenance costs.

During a public meeting of the Sheet Harbour & Area Chamber of Commerce on October 4th, 2017, (see back-issue of my communique for October 2017 Issue #239) I presented various scenarios on what could be alternative tax rates. A proposition came from the audience to consider a tiered tax regime based on proximity to the sidewalk. From that suggestion, it was determined to implement three zone tax rates of $5, $15, and $25.

• $5.00 for the community areas of East Ship Harbour, Murphy Cove, Pleasant Harbour, Tangier, Popes Harbour, Mooseland, River Lake, Jacket Lake, Third Lake, Spry Harbour, Lochaber Mines, West Quoddy, East Quoddy, Harrigan Cove, Moosehead, Moser River, Necum Teuch, Ecum Secum West, Ecum Secum, Mitchell Bay, Pace Settlement, & Liscombe Sanctuary;

• $15.00 for the community areas of Spry Bay, Mushaboom, Marinette, Malay Falls, Sheet Harbour Passage, Sober Island, Beaver Harbour, Port Dufferin, & Barkhouse Settlement; • $25.00 for the community areas of Sheet Harbour & Watt Section.

These tax rates are to apply only to residential and commercial properties. Resource properties are exempt. This will fund the 2018-19 Maintenance
Budget for Sheet Harbour Sidewalk in the amount of $42,500. More info is on report: files/documents/city-hall/regional-council/180410rc1411.pdf