Statistics Canada conducts a census every five years. The census provides a statistical portrait of the country and its people. In Canada, it is mandatory for all residents to participate in the census. The next Census Day will take place on Tuesday, May 11th. Starting in early May all households in Canada will receive a census package or you can complete the census questionnaire on-line at: www.census.gc.ca . It is an easy, secure and convenient option that can be used anywhere, anytime. No pre-registration or lengthy download processes are required. This website will be updated regularly, so check back often for information updates. Census staff are needed for a variety of supervisory and non- supervisory jobs for the 2021 Census. These jobs are ideal for: students, recently retired persons, stay-at-home parents, and those wanting to supplement their income. They offer flexible work hours; competitive wages; and work in both rural and urban areas. When you complete your census questionnaire you are providing important information that will be used in making decisions for your neighbourhood, your community, your province, and our country as a whole. Communities depend on census information when planning for new schools, roads, waterworks, public transit, and police and fire services. Municipal planners use census information on households and families to plan current and future housing needs, health care, and day-care centres. Population estimates obtained from the census are used to allocate transfer payments from the federal government to the provinces and territories and from the provinces to municipalities.

So Be Sure to Count Yourself In!


Emergency Preparedness (EP) Week is May 2th–8th. Everyone should be prepared and able to take care of themselves for a 72-hour period from any potential harm caused by a significant weather event or incident. Our district is very fortunate to have two Joint Emergency Management (JEM) Teams: Eastern Shore JEM (Cole Harbour to Ship Harbour) and Sheet Harbour JEM (East Ship Harbour to Ecum Secum). For more details about them please go to: www.halifax.ca/fire-police/fire/emergency-management/volunteer-during-emergency . Our JEM Teams are looking for volunteers. Here are few more EP websites:


www.publicsafety.gc.ca http://novascotia.ca/dma/emo or @nsemo 

www.halifax.ca/fire-police/fire/emergency-management/emergency-preparedness-checklists or @HRM_EMO


Due to the latest COVID-19 restrictions, the mobile HRM Household Special Waste depot scheduled for Saturation, May 15th at the Porters Lake Park & Ride Transit Terminal by Hwy 107 Exit 20 has been postponed. This will be rescheduled when public health restrictions have been eased. 

Residents can drop off the following items at a local mobile Household Special Waste (HSW) Depot—batteries; leftover liquid paint; leftover corrosive cleaners; pesticides/herbicides; old or mixed gasoline; fuel oil & used motor oil; solvents & thinners; BBQ propane tanks; small propane cylinders; aerosol spray cans containing hazardous substances; pharmaceuticals & drugs; and smoke detectors. There will be a mobile drop-off depot the Metro-X Rural Express Park & Ride Terminal at 21 Inspiration Drive, Porters Lake by Hwy #107 Exit 20 on Saturday, May 15th from 9AM – 4PM. There will be other mobile depots planned for later dates, however, those dates have not yet been determined. More information will be available at: www.halifax.ca/home-property/garbage-recycling-green-cart/household-special-waste . And here’s a special note for safer alternatives to some household hazardous materials that can be used instead: Visit www.lesstoxicguide.ca


Back in April during Volunteer Appreciation Month, HRM honoured 51 volunteers and seven community groups from across the municipality. The following four individuals from District 2 received recognition from their respective organizations for their tremendous contribution in their respective communities: Leanne Hines in Seaforth, Karen MacRoberts in Lawrencetown, Neil Parnell in Sheet Harbour, and Paige Williams in East Preston. Thank you to you all!


Back on April 6th HRM Council approved changes to the Solid Waste By-law S-600 that will allow us to more effectively enforce cases of illegal dumping and litter control. Over the next several months, municipal staff will be developing an education

and outreach campaign to raise awareness of the enforcement activity, prevention and consequences (social, environmental and financial) of illegal dumping and littering. Pending final budget approval, an additional enforcement officer will be hired, allowing staff to work proactively with property owners and communities impacted by illegal dumping to come up with solutions to this problem. Highlights of the changes include fine amounts of $500 to $10,000 for illegal dumping and the requirement for businesses to have litter receptacles onsite, including drive-thrus. The By-Law also contains a ‘reverse onus’ clause. This means a person whose name or address are identified within waste that has been illegally dumped is responsible or clean up or fines, unless they are able to provide the name of the person who actually dumped the waste. The updated Solid Waste By-Law can be viewed at: www.halifax.ca/city-hall/legislation-by-laws/by-law-s-600 


Help put HRM on the global nature scene! From April 30th to May 5th municipalities from across the planet will be competing for the title of the most Biodiverse City. We need your help. Whether you’re an avid naturalist or a dog walker, everyone can participate. It’s an easy, fun way to encourage you to get outdoors. HRM will be using the iNaturalist digital platform to record observations, under this project. Signup to iNaturalist today and then join our ‘City Nature Challenge 2021: Halifax Regional Municipality project! If you’re new to iNaturalist, then contact CNC2019HRM@gmail.com or follow on-line instructions at: https://inaturalist.ca/ . For more info about the 2021 City Nature Challenge, go to: https://inaturalist.ca/projects/city-nature-challenge-2021-halifax-regional-municipality-ns-canada


HRM is inviting residents to participate in a survey

to help inform the Rural Recreation Strategy. The purpose of this Strategy is to provide analysis on future needs for parks and recreation services in the rural areas of the municipality. For the purpose of this survey, “rural” is defined as those areas outside the urban transit boundary which includes the areas of the Musquodoboit Valley, Eastern Shore, Sambro, Peggy’s Cove, St. Margaret’s Bay and Upper Sackville. The on-line survey is open until Sunday, May 23rd. A print version of the survey will be available at local gas stations, convenience stores and grocery stores. For more information and to take the survey, visit www.halifax.ca/surveys


There will be an On-line Zoom Public Hearing on Tuesday, May 4th at 6 PM for Case # 21875 to consider the proposed amendments to the Halifax Regional Municipal Planning Strategy, Halifax Regional Subdivision By-law, Cole Harbour/Westphal Municipal Planning Strategy and its Land Use By-laws as set out in a March 1st, 2021 staff report to enable the adaptive reuse of the former Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children (The Old Home) and to allow development of a portion of the site toward Highway #7, on Wilfred Jackson Way in Westphal. www.halifax.ca/business/planning-development/applications/case-21875-wilfred-jackson-way-highway-7-westphal . If you wish to speak about this application, then you must register with the HRM Municipal Clerk’s Office (clerks@halifax.ca) by 4:30 PM the day prior, Monday May 3rd.