Regional Council has approved funding for MusGo Rider (Musquodoboit Harbour) $75,000; MusGo Rider (Valley-Sheet Harbour) $29,750; and BayRides (St. Margaret’s Bay) $25,600. Community Transportation Services to get a total combined base operating grant amount of $130,350 and eligible to go up to but not to exceed $140,000 from the Rural Transit Fund. This amount provides sufficient budget to cover variances in operational costs from these three providers. Also the Nova Scotia Transit Research Incentive Program (NS-TRIP) from NS Municipal Affairs has approved a contribution of $59,042 towards the undertaking of a Pre-Pilot Implementation and a Pilot Project in the Musquodoboit Valley – Sheet Harbour area. This will now enable MusGo Rider to implement its pilot transportation program for the Musquodoboit Valley – Sheet Harbour region. For any more information, please contact: or by e-mail: or call them at: 902-483-7433 (RIDE). The next project they will be working on is a proposal to provide a fixed loop bus service along Rte#207 between the Transit terminals at Porters Lake and Portland Hills with a direct link to Cole Harbour Place.


Engage Nova Scotia wants citizens to share our traditional customs with new Canadians. Share Thanksgiving is an opportunity for new immigrant families or international students to get together with established families in Nova Scotia to share Thanksgiving dinner. It’s a great way to meet new people and support newcomers in feeling welcome and at home in our province. Since its inaugural launch in 2014, more people have signed up in Nova Scotia than almost any location in Canada. Engage NS is hoping that you can help them in matching even more families this year!

Registration for this year’s Share Thanksgiving is now open at until early October: You have a chose to sign up either as a Host or Guest. If you have any questions, then please contact Michelle Banfield at 902-220-4520.


As of October 15th (weather permitting) and whether or not the NS Forest Weather Index (FWI) is at a low to moderate reading, the Open-Air Burning Season outside the HRM Urban No-Burn Zone will be allowed where Provincial Permits will not be necessary.

For more information about open-air burning by-law and safe burning practices, go to: Please be very careful when burning!


The Harbour East Marine Drive Community Council will be having a Public Hearing on Tuesday, Oct. 11th at 7 PM at the Old School in Musquodoboit Harbour on a proposed application by Birkshire Developments to enter into a multiple unit development agreement to construct 42 townhouse style units, convey a parcel for parkland and upgrade a portion of the private road to a public street.

For details, go to: Case18932Details.php


Curbside / Roadside Give Away is a bi-annual event that promotes diversion of reusable items from landfill by offering items for others to claim for free. It’s time to give someone the chance to reuse things you no longer need, by recycling your clean and working goods. The dates are Saturday & Sunday, October 15th & 16th.

Please check out this web-page for more information: or at: and Twitter @hfxgov . And be to share your curbside finds at #hfxcurbside.


There will be a new playground at the swimming beach park site on Pleasant Drive in Gaetz Brook. It is anticipated to be installed by late October. The construction was delayed until after the supervised swimming lifeguard services program had concluded for the summer.


We’re about to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Halifax Explosion. HRM extends its appreciation to the volunteer members of the Halifax Explosion 100th Anniversary Special Advisory Committee: for their work to date in making preparations for this centennial commemoration.

To engage current and future generations in the act of remembrance and to acknowledge those who came to the assistance of citizens, HRM has undertaken a Municipal Commemorative Program that encompasses the Fort Needham Memorial Park Project, the annual memorial ceremonies, and the Halifax Explosion 100th Anniversary Grants Program. The purpose of this designated grant program is to encourage the participation of local nonprofit groups in “telling the larger story” of the Halifax Explosion’s immediate and enduring impact. Some stories have yet to be told or familiar narratives reinterpreted and presented in new and innovative ways. The 100th Anniversary of the Halifax Explosion is an opportunity to write another chapter in our region’s history, one that honours the significant impact of this tragedy on individuals, families and communities while recognizing and reaffirming our capacity for personal and collective resilience and resurgence.

The Anniversary Grants Program is accepting applications until Nov. 30th. Halifaxexplosion100thanniversarygrantsprogramguidebook2016.pdf



The Canada 150 Community Fund can provide opportunities for Nova Scotians to create, promote and participate in local and regional events and programs that will build a sense of pride in Nova Scotia during the celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary of our nation’s confederation. Applications are being accepted until Oct.r 15th, if funding remains available. An eligible applicant must be from a nonprofit society or non-profit cooperative registered with the NS Registry of Joint Stock Companies.

Please contact the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia at 1888 Brunswick Street, Suite 806, Halifax, NS, B3J 3J8.
Telephone: 1-877999-5907 or 902-490-5907. Fax 902 490-5917
or by e-mail: or go to: blog/2016/05/11/community-fund-canadas-150th/


HRM Council has approved a request make an assessment on what role the municipality should play in a “Land Title Clarification Program” currently being sponsored by the Province of Nova Scotia, through collaboration and discussions with the external stakeholders such as the Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC), Nova Scotia Legal Aid (NSLA), Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society (NSBS), Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia (LISNS) and the Provincial Departments: African Nova Scotian Affairs (ANSA), Service Nova Scotia (SNS), and Natural Resources (DNR). And HRM has adopted amendments to its Administrative Order 10, ‘Respecting Partial Tax Relief’ to permit properties tied up in this ownership problem to be eligible for relief.

Areas within Halifax County that are currently designated as Land Titles Clarification Areas are: Cherry Brook – Lake Loon, East Preston, North Preston, Oldham, Terrance Bay and Lower Prospect. These communities were settled primarily on undeveloped crown land. Some of the properties in these areas have issues with respect to land title going back many years. These issues are due to the lack of deeds provided when the land was initially settled, unclear legal descriptions, or a lack of wills that should have given succession/ inheritance claims for passing along a clear chain of ownership.

Having clear title to property is important as it provides land owners with legal certainty that they enjoy the rights of land ownership. Clear title enables owners to sell, lease, and mortgage land. Title also provides access to tax relief programs, such as HRM Exemption and Deferral Program, the Province’s Seniors Rebate Program, as well as other home heating and energy efficiency programs. Once a Certificate of Claim has been issued, this will allow the applicant to apply for any of the aforementioned programs.

For more details, please go to:


Effective Friday, October 7th and thereafter, the areas of Sober Island, Sheet Harbour Passage, Watt Section, Malay Falls & Trafalgar area will receive garbage/green cart/recyclables collection on a new day of the week. It will change from THURSDAYS to FRIDAYS.

If you require further clarification, please contact Customer Service at Eastern Shore Cartage, phone 902-885-2382 or at 311


HRM sends out its property tax bills in two phases and invoices all property owners twice each year. The Final Tax Bill was mailed out in September with a final due date of Wednesday, October 31st.

The tax calculation is based on the taxable assessed value of the property multiplied by the applicable tax rate. The taxable assessed value is determined by the Property Valuation Services Corporation – . The tax rate is the sum of two levies – a general rate ( Urban, Suburban or Rural ) and any area tax rates within a district.

To understand your tax-bill better, please refer to:


The Harbour East Marine Drive Community Council will be having a Public Hearing on Tuesday, Oct. 11th at 7 PM at the Old School in Musquodoboit Harbour on a proposed application by Birkshire Developments to enter into a multiple unit development agreement to construct 42 townhouse style units, convey a parcel for parkland and upgrade a portion of a private a road to a public street. For more details; go to :

Case 18932 Details -

Request Application by EDM on behalf of Birkshire Developments Inc. to enter into a development agreement to permit 15 multiple-unit buildings created in the form of …/more info

Halifax - Coat of Arms

Halifax – Coat of Arms