I’d like to welcome all students back to school. Your education is important for you to succeed in life. I hope everyone has a successful and healthy school year. Remember, by following simple hygiene protocols like hand washing we contribute to maintaining a healthy environment. Also all motorists need to be extra careful with students walking, cycling or travelling by school bus.


terry-fox-run-250This year will mark the 36th anniversary of the Terry Fox Run. Back in 1980, Terry took his Marathon of Hope through our communities along Highway #7. Now we can keep his dream alive that cancer can be beaten.

There will be 2 local runs on Sunday, September 18th:

  • Musquodoboit Harbour Railway Museum from 10 AM–2 PM, with a BBQ & Bake Sale (This year the Lake Echo run is being merged with Musquodoboit Harbour)
  • Sheet Harbour Lion’s Centre from 1–4 PM.If you can’t make it to a run please sponsor someone who will be participating or you can text “terryfox” to 45678 to donate $5. Also it will be Terry Fox National School Run Day on Thursday, September 29th. If your school wants to get involved please check out this link for more information: www.terryfox.org/SchoolRun/index.html.



Craig’s Cause Pancreatic Cancer Society is proud to announce the 10th Annual NS Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Walk–Run–Bike Trek in support of Pancreatic Cancer education, awareness and research. Come out to the Porters Lake Provincial Park on Saturday, September 24th. Registration opens at 9 AM and event starts at 10 AM. This bike tour trek event is for all ages and abilities. For more details go to www.craigscause.ca.



The RTA (Rural Transportation Association) is a collaborative group of rural transportation service providers across Nova Scotia. Our own MusGo Rider is a member of this organization. Their services are open to anyone—with priority given to seniors, persons with disabilities, and low-income community members. This survey is meant to gain a broader understanding of the issues surrounding transportation in rural Nova Scotia from those who understand it best—rural community members and rural-serving community organizations. Go to the survey at: www.recreationns.ns.ca/recreation-and-transportation-access-in-rural-areas-survey/.

For more information about the RTA member organizations’ services or the RTA network, visit www.ruralrides.ca.


There will be a mobile Household Special Waste (HSW) Depot at the Duncan MacMillan High School parking lot on Saturday, September 10th from 9AM–4PM. For a complete list of items that can be accepted please visit: www.halifax.ca/recycle/hhw.php#mobile or call 311.


HRM Council has voted to contribute $300,000 to the NS Nature Trust’s (NSNT) 100 Wild Islands Legacy Campaign. Here’s a link to that report: www.halifax.ca/council/agendasc/documents/160802ca1418.pdf. This commitment helps reach their $7 million fundraising goal—the funds needed to complete the critical first phase of the campaign, securing the 100 Wild Islands. Opportunities to protect vast coastal wilderness areas like these islands are increasingly rare across the planet. This is a great ecological, environmental and economic opportunity for the Eastern Shore. Our municipal contribution plus other generous public and community support help the NSNT with its goals to protecting the entire 100 Wild Islands archipelago—over 100 islands and over 7000 acres of land—a unique natural legacy for our children and grandchildren for generations to come. The NSNT has protected 85% of the land within the archipelago to date.


The $7 million raised will ensure continued securement of the remaining islands through purchase, donations and conservation easements. However, the NSNT’s work in the 100 Wild Islands is not over yet. The critical first step has been raising funds and doing the work needed to secure the islands. The NSNT is creating an exciting new initiative that provides the opportunity for Nova Scotians to support and shape the next big step in the campaign—the long-term stewardship and public enjoyment of this amazing coastal wilderness. For more information and to donate please go to: www.100wildislands.ca or www.nsnt.ca or call (902) 425-5263.


hrfeHRM has done some improvements and upgrades to several fire stations in our district. The following work has been undertaken to keep our stations functioning and ready for service:

  • Stn.#19 East Lawrencetown: vehicle exhaust system installed, roof and door repairs, driveway apron extended and paved.
  • Stn.#20 Lawrencetown Beach: vehicle exhaust system installed, roofing shingles repaired, driveway apron extended and paved.
  • Stn. #21 Lake Echo: new septic disposal system, driveway apron extended and paved.
  • Stn.#22 North Preston: tarmac was repaired.
  • Stn.#23 Chezzetcook: engine bay doors fixed, exterior painted, plumbing repairs, interior renovations to accommodate the full-time day crew complement.
  • Stn.#24 Musquodoboit Harbour: new windows and blinds installed, flooring, overhead doors and soffit repairs and storage space added.
  • Stn.#25 Ostrea Lake: exterior painting done.
  • Stn.#28 Sheet Harbour: oil tank replaced, doorways fixed, some ventilation repairs, interior renovations done to accommodate the full-time day crew complement.
  • Stn.#29 Moser River: oil tank replaced.
  • Stn.#30 Tangier: new hot water heater.
  • Stn.#34 Mushaboom: new oil tank installed.


HRM Regional Council has directed staff to draft an Administrative Order that will define a process for the consideration by the municipality to adopt and accept any old, abandoned or orphaned cemeteries in HRM. That Council report can be found at: www.halifax.ca/council/agendasc/documents/160802ca14111.pdf. This issue has come to light with the closure of various churches in our district. Under Provincial regulations there are provisions whereby a church congregation or community group that has a cemetery can appeal to the municipality to assume ownership to ensure perpetual care is carried out into the future. Hopefully this will pass in order to provide greater certainty for our rural cemeteries. As well, it will help us preserve, protect and promote our communities ancestral genealogical history.


Representatives from the Musquodoboit Harbour Chamber of Commerce and I met with the NS Minister of Municipal Affairs, Honourable. Zach Churchill on Tuesday, August 9th. We apprised him of the issue of HRM not providing building permits for construction onto lots 10 hectares/25 acres or more in size that do not have sufficient road frontage on a public road. The Minister was asked if a case could be made for him to issue a Statement of Provincial Interest to HRM and instruct the municipality to approve permits for lands subdivided in accordance with Provincial rules.

Various Statutes, Legislation and Acts are being scoured to see what regulations or authority can be exercised by the Province to intercede with this situation. There is the HRM Charter, the revised HRM Regional Plan and the Regional Subdivision Plan, the local Eastern Shore—West Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) and Land-Use Bylaws, the Municipal Government Act, NS Planning Act, NS Land Registration Act, and possibly others that may come to bear on this matter.

The HRM staff report that Regional Council has asked for will require a similar exercise to explain what this decision of non-issuance of permits is based upon and whether there are any provisions that could override this impasse legally. Was it the recent interpretation of the local MPS or is it policies within the revised Regional Plan that has created this situation? Permits issued in the past were apparently done so in error. The Minister needs to know what can be done by legislation and not based on conjecture or emotion. Is there is a mechanism that could be put into place to overrule this situation? Is it possible to put in place an Interim Growth Measure that would override HRM for a period of time in order to allow permits to be granted in the meantime.

I recognize this has been a frustrating ordeal for so many in rural HRM. Hopefully we can find a way that can correct this problem legally. An order to overrule must be based upon law and defensible in court if a challenge should arise. I’m hoping that all people being impacted by this will hear something on this matter, and that a resolution will be found in the near future. For more information on this subject, go to: www.halifax.ca/As-Of-Right-Development/index.php.