Halifax’s Acting on Climate Together ( HalifACT ) is a long-term climate change plan to reduce emissions and help our communities adapt. The plan will guide efforts to reduce emissions by conserving energy and converting to clean energy sources.  The plan will also help communities adapt by raising awareness and helping people prepare. In the short term, the HRM will continue to help people address climate change with its Solar City Program.  However, there is more work to do – HalifACT 2050 is about what we do together to address climate change over the next 30 years. HalifACT 2050 is intended to build on our successes and shape the future of our municipality for generations to come. So what is your vision for a well-adapted, low-carbon Halifax in 2050?  HRM will be hosting a few pop-up events during the summer. Here are some local dates to participate:

If you’re not able to speak with the HalifACT team in person, then please use the Interactive Map link to map climate hazards in your area: https://www.shapeyourcityhalifax.ca/haliFACT2050/maps/map-hazards-in-your-community . Also join in on the climate conversation at: https://www.allourideas.org/hrm


The HRM Property Tax Exemption and Deferral Program is now part of a combined Affordable Access Program. If you need help paying your property taxes, HRM offers a few choices. You can apply for Rebate, Deferral or Payment Plan:  Rebate: if your household income is less than $34,000, the Municipality will pay a portion of your property taxes. The amount of rebate varies with income and residential taxes billed. Rebate and a Deferral: after the rebate has been applied to your tax account you can postpone payment of the remaining current year taxes. The interest rate is Prime -2% for customers in the program and Prime +2% for those who did not reapply.  Deferral of local improvement charges: Local improvement charges may be added as a lien against a property for services such as sewer, water, or road work. These charges are paid once a year. If you need help paying for a local improvement charge, you can set up a payment plan or apply to defer the charges. A payment plan: rather than two large payments, you can pay in smaller monthly amounts. For details can be found at: https://www.halifax.ca/home-property/property-taxes/exemptions  or https://www.halifax.ca/about-halifax/affordable-access-program


Effective July 2nd, HRM will be accepting metal pots and pans in blue bags for recycling. This includes steel and aluminum pots and pans, metal alloy, multi-surface frying pans, as well as baking sheets and wire racks. Items that are not accepted include glass tops and/or glass pots and pans, earthenware, ceramic or enamel coated pots and pans. For more information on what goes where, please visit:https://www.halifax.ca/home-property/garbage-recycling-green-cart/education-outreach/curbside-give-away-weekend


The final ballot tally is in and the results are in favour of retaining the Musquodoboit Harbour Common Area Rate. In total 1,927 ballots were mailed out. 570 ballots were completed: 434 YES votes and 136 NO votes. That’s 76.1% in favour. There were also 31 ballots returned as “Undelivered” with incorrect addresses (Note to Residents: Please update your current mailing address with the HRM Tax office.) A HRM Staff report outlining the results of this ballot will be included in the Annual Area Rate Report that is expected to be going to HRM Council by mid-August 2019. Now the MHACCCA will be tasked with completing a Business Plan for the future use of this Common Area Rate.  For more info go to: www.hendsbee.ns.ca


Everywhere in the world, August 15th is recognized as National Acadian Day. This is a time of celebration for the Acadian community which is also the religious feast day “The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary” – the patron Saint of the Acadian people. Be sure to drop by L’Acadie de Chezzetcook Museum and Information Centre anytime at 79 Hill Road in West Chezzetcook. Check out their Facebook Page (en francais) or their web-site www.acadiedechezzetcook.ca for more information on events throughout the year. With St. Anselm’s Church closed, there will be a French Mass held in the Church Hall instead on Sunday, August 11th at 11AM. Bon Fete!


All homes need to be built to meet minimum public health, fire and structural safety and property protection standards. Construction permits and inspections help to ensure that these standards are met so that your home will provide a safe and healthy environment. So when building a new house or making an addition or doing some renovations to your home, please consult with the HRM Planning division for directions on proper permits. There are 9 required inspections that must occur during the construction process:

  1. Footing Inspection;
  2. Prior to backfill of a foundation;
  3. Underground Plumbing;
  4. Underslab Insulation Inspection,
  5. Rough-in Plumbing; 
  6. Framing Inspection;
  7. Prior to Drywall Installation,
  8. Final Building Inspection, and
  9. Final Plumbing Inspection 

Additional inspections may be required depending on the type of work you are doing. Not all projects require the above inspections.  To request an inspection call 902-490-7097 prior to 8AM of the day you wish to have your inspection. A home should not be occupied prior to the issuance of an Occupancy Permit to ensure all health and life safety issues have been addressed. For more details, go to:
For more information on permit fees, go to: 


The votes are in and there will be a Business Improvement District (BID) for the commercial corridor in Porters Lake. 52 ballots were sent to all the businesses along Hwy #7 between Alps Road to Stella Drive. 19 ballots (39.6%) were received with 13 in favour ( 68.4%) versus 6 opposed ( 31.6%). More information about the formation and purpose of the Porters Lake BID can be found on their Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/PortersLakeBID


Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency Services (HRF&ES) is constantly recruiting volunteer firefighters for the various communities in our district area. For more details, please contact Beth VanGorder at HRM Volunteer Firefighters Manager at 902-490-5611 or by email: vangorb@halifax.ca Lawrencetown ( Station 19 & 20 ) Lake Echo / North Preston ( Station 21 & 22 ) Chezzetcook ( Station 23 ) Musquodoboit Harbour ( Station 24 ) Ostrea Lake ( Station 25 ) Oyster Pond ( Station 26 ) Sheet Harbour ( Station 28 ) Moser River ( Station 29 ) Tangier / East Ship Harbour ( Station 30 & 31 ) Three Harbours / Port Dufferin ( Station 33 ) Mushaboom ( Station 34 ) More information about HRF&ES Volunteer Firefighter recruitment, please refer to this link: https://www.halifax.ca/about-halifax/employment/work-halifax-regional-fire-emergency/volunteer-firefighter-recruitment