HRM has engaged the consulting firm AECOM to deliver a series of community meetings in the greater Preston area for a local watershed study. There will be another public meeting to provide a project update on Monday, December 9th at 7 PM at the East Preston Recreation Centre.

For more details, contact:
Cameron Deacoff – HRM Environmental Performance Officer
Telephone: 490-1926 or 476-0363
Online: or at
or the PlanHRM Facebook page for more details.

Each year the municipality, the Mayor and Regional Council recognize the extraordinary contributions of individuals and groups who volunteer their time and skills to provide services and programs in HRM communities. Individuals or groups can be nominated by someone in their community by filling out the HRM Nomination Form. Please read the nomination criteria (on the form) carefully before filling it out.

The 2014 Award Nomination Forms are now available at:

There are two options for submitting a nominee: either down-load a PDF form to print and complete, mail or drop it off at locations  found on the form or make a submission online. Nominate worthy individuals in the adult, youth) or community group categories. If you would like a hard copy of the nomination application mailed to you, please contact Phil Hammond at 490-6577 or Deadline for all nominations is Friday, December 13th, 2013.

The Eastern Shore Musquodoboit Community Health Board (ESMCHB) has funding available to support local groups and organizations to improve the health of our communities. The purpose of the Community Development Fund is to encourage community groups to address health issues, establish partnerships with other organizations, create solutions, and build healthier communities.

If you have an idea or would like an application form, please call the office at 889-4118, or e-mail or go on-line to: Apply by Friday, Dec. 13th.

The HRM Transportation Planning Department and the Shore Active Transportation Association ( have been working with Genivar Consultants to develop an Active Transportation (A.T.) Plan for the Porters Lake area. The general public was invited to attend two engagement sessions (Sept. 30th & Oct. 28th). We heard from residents of all ages who are interested in expanding AT options in the community. A proposed AT plan is being drafted with 5 recommendations that were deemed to be the priorities as indicated by the public. There is one more opportunity to garner public opinion on these final recommendations. You have until Friday, December 13th to provide your input. Here is a link to a web-page that has the presentations made, summaries of the input received at those sessions, and the recommendations being proposed. Please go to:

The Sheet Harbour & Area Ground Search & Rescue Team has been in existence for over 30 years but without a permanent home. Now they will soon have a place of their own to house their valued equipment and vehicles. HRM has recently granted a less than market lease agreement on a piece of municipal property by the local fire station #28 at #22835 – Highway #7 in Sheet Harbour. The plan is to construct a 70 ft X 40 ft (2,800 sq.ft.) storage facility building.

Urban planning is no longer just the territory of the technocrat. Instead, planning and design is shifting to the public consciousness. There is a public demand for a product that can bridge the communication gap between city-building professions and the public. The Planning and Design Centre (PDC) has launched a podcast – Cities Alive: Bringing the City to Life with Stories. Cities Alive is a fun, evocative and accessible way to learn about what’s going on at the forefront of urban planning and design. The podcast crosses disciplinary boundaries to bridge the gap between profession and public. It aims to de-mystify the planning and design of our communities in a 30-minute podcast format that mixes popular music with stories about what makes our cities tick.

For details contact Ross Soward at the PDC – 494-8494 or 293-3637
Twitter: @PlanningDesign
ITUNES: Cites Alive and by email:

As part of the Open Data Pilot Project, HRM launched Apps4Halifax to encourage the meaningful and productive use of the released datasets to improve citizen engagement and enhance transparency. The contest seeks to reward both citizens and developers with some great prizes. There are 4 main dataset categories: Your City / Go Green / Live It Up / Keep’er Movin’. The “Your City” apps are designed to help residents understand what’s happening in HRM such as election boundaries, virtual tour guide or public safety. “Go Green” apps will encourage having a more environmentally friendly HRM such as recycling, enjoying parks and trails or using green products. “Live It Up” apps help connect residents and visitors with leisure activities and fun happening in HRM, such as recreation, museums, cultural events, or concerts and “Keep’er Movin’” apps are intended to help people of all ages learn how to get around HRM such as public transit, driving, biking, and walking. These apps can also promote getting in shape and living healthier lifestyles. Public voting on the best preferred apps is from December 2nd to January 6th, 2014 at

So get Ready, Set, Code!

Each year the Black Cultural Society of Nova Scotia hosts the annual Rev. Dr. William P. Oliver Night of Honour at the Black Cultural Centre (BCC), in recognition and in memory of Dr. Oliver. He exemplified what is meant to be a “community leader”. Members of the Society are invited to nominate persons whom they wish to the Selection Committee for consideration of this annual award. The form is on-line at:  They must be completed and sent to: Black Cultural Centre, Nominations, 10 Cherry Brook Road, Cherry Brook, NS B2Z 1A6 or it can be faxed to 434-2306. All applications must be received at the above address by 12:00 noon, Thursday, January 2nd, 2014. The Society will present up to five awards in any one year including posthumous award(s) to someone who passed away after December 1st, 2012. The decision of the Selection Committee is final. The Night of Honour will be held on Saturday, February 8th, 2014 at 6:30 PM at the BCC.

In January 2012, a series of focus group meetings with residents and community leaders were carried out in North Preston to address issues relating to youth crime. As a result of the public information sessions, the “Souls Strong” project proposal was submitted to the Federal Government for funding under a National Crime Prevention Strategy. This will be a 5 year community program administered by the HRM Youth Advocate Program. For more details, contact Program Manager Sharon Martin at 490- 4567 or

HRM Fire & Emergency Services (HRMF&ES) have been performing an operational review of everything from station locations, response times, and the deployment of its human resources. Particular substations: #32 – Mooseland; #37 – Elderbank; #51 – Upper Hammonds Plains; #53 – Terrance Bay; and #61 Ketch Harbour, have been identified as being understaffed (not enough volunteers) and underutilized (not enough calls). Therefore it has been decided to decommission these stations and remove any fire-fighting equipment and vehicles. It is hoped that the Mooseland & Area Community Association will either assume ownership of the property or enter into a Facility Lease Agreement with HRM and keep the building in operation as a local community hall. In order for this same fate not to happen to other rural fire stations, HRM needs more volunteers. Please check out this web-site link: to see what is needed to be a volunteer fire-fighter. There are various positions from administrative support to on scene support and of course active fire-fighting roles. If you have any questions, please call Heather McKay at 490-5611 or via e-mail:

Citizens concerned about proposed cell-tower locations have formed the Lawrencetown Beach Community Association (LCBA) Facebook group. The LBCA strives to provide a forum for the discussion of community concerns and ideas, to act as an advocate for our community group, to help facilitate community improvement projects and to promote special events within the area. As well the LBCA will work with other community organizations while promoting co-operation towards common goals. Their membership fees have been set at $35 per person or $50 per household. Contact them at:

Also the Lawrencetown Community Centre (LCC) Society has been reinvigorated with the election of a new Board of Directors. Congratulations to President Kerry Reddy and her team. Check out the Lawrencetown Community Centre Facebook Page for the latest news and events at the LCC. Memberships are $6.00 per person or $10.00 per family. Contact:

My wife Susan and I want to wish everyone the very best of this Holiday Season. During this joyful time of year there are many types of spiritual and cultural celebrations: Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noël,Season’s Greetings, Happy Hanukkah, Al Hijra, and Kwanza. The message for Peace on Earth, and Goodwill to All is universal. Have yourself a blessed time with your families, friends, and neighbours. May we all strive for peace, tranquillity and harmony in our daily lives. Remember those that may be less fortunate who are experiencing hardship and despair. Please give to your local food bank. Or give the gift of life and donate blood. May all of us be blessed with good health, happiness and prosperity throughout the New Year.