Every year HRM presents a Citizenship Award to outstanding Grade 9 students throughout the municipality. The recipients are chosen based on qualities of leadership in their school and community, and commendable performance in the courses in which they are enrolled. This year the following students from our district were bestowed with this honour:

  • Kyle Murray Connors—Duncan MacMillan High
  • Alexandra Johnson—Oyster Pond Academy
  • Jakes Reeves—Gaetz Brook Junior High
  • Sabrina Smith—Ross Road Junior High
  • Janelle Colley—Graham Creighton Junior High

Great efforts by these outstanding students!


Back in late April/early May, 80,000 Nova Scotian households received in their mailboxes, an invitation  to participate in a first-of-its-kind survey measuring quality of life across the province.The survey asks how people feel they are doing in eight key areas related   to their quality of life, such as living standards, time- use and community vitality. Traditionally, much of the information used to make decisions about our daily  lives has been based on economic data. Those data aren’t wrong: they’re just incomplete. This will provide a more complete picture of how Nova Scotians are  doing in all areas that matter to them. Once collected, the information from the  survey  will  be  compiled  and prepared into up to ten regional reports. Those reports will then serve as the foundation for innovative approaches to priority-setting and planning at a local level for years to come. It’s important for Nova Scotians to choose to “fill it out and not throw it out” if they receive the opportunity to participate. The survey is being led by Engage Nova Scotia with support from NS Community College and administered by the Canadian Index of Well being at the University of Waterloo. For more information go to:


During Canadian Environment Week (CEW) there are many special dedicated days to heighten the awareness of various environmental causes: World Environment

Day (June 5th), Clean Air Day (June 6th) and World Oceans Day (June 8th). For more information about CEW, go to: During CEW and throughout the year, we are urged to reflect on the many ways we can take action to protect and preserve our natural surroundings. After that week, it will be “Rivers to Oceans Week” which is an opportunity to work together to create an understanding of water sheds, our connection to fresh and salt-water environments and whatever one can do to protect it.


Residents are encouraged to participate in HRM’s Roadside Give Away Weekend – June 8th & 9th. There are some rules to follow if you wish to partake. Please go to this link for more information about

how and when to put out your stuff. Discover the “Hidden Treasures” in your neighborhood and our communities. Share your roadside finds on Twitter at #hfxcurbside or send in comments by e-mail at: or on


Due to traffic short cutting through Salmon River Drive in Westphal and Riley Road in Cherry Brook, HRM has put out a tender to install speed bumps as a traffic calming measures to make these roadways safer.

The work is expected to be done later this summer.


Bike Week is a yearly initiative that is about bringing people, organizations, businesses, and institutions in HRM together in celebration of not only of cycling but of the potential it has for

creating healthier, safer, more prosperous communities. HRM is working to provide bicycle parking where there is demand for it.The Request-A-Rack program allows for new bicycle racks to be installed on public property at locations where more bicycle parking is needed. The focus is on installing racks in commercial districts and at public destinations in bike parks, recreation centers and libraries. More details at:


HRM offers swimming lessons at various supervised outdoor beaches for free to the public during the summer session. Registration is required in order to take part in these classes. Registration will start at 10 AM on Wednesday June 6th, and will continue until classes are full. Register on-line at HRM’s “Rec Connect”: or call 902-490- 6666. Life guard supervision is from July 1st to August 31st. Our district has five locations: Orenda Beach in Lake Echo, Kinap Beach in West Porters Lake, Pleasant Drive in Gaetz Brook, Webber’s Beach in Lake Charlotte

/Upper Lakeville and at Malay Falls Beach in Lochaber Mines / Sheet Harbour. All of these have some level of HRM supervision including daily maintenance and weekly water testing.For more information, please call HRM Beach Line 902-490-5458 or 311 or go on-line to: Have fun but always be safe when in the water.


Approximately 1,900 property owners within the Musquodoboit Harbour Common Area Rate zone (Musquodoboit Harbour, East & West Petpeswick, Smith Settlement & Ostrea Lake) will be getting a briefing in the mail about the origins of this area rate tax and its use since HRM Amalgamation. They will be asked to vote on whether this ½ cent tax per $100of assessment should be maintained for exclusive use in their area for community recreation use only. That equates to $5 per $100,000 value of property. They can submit their vote either by return mail or bring it to the next MHACCCA Townhall meeting on Wednesday, June 19th or drop it at a ballot box in the local library. There will be a June 30th cut-off date to receive your verdict. HRM needs to know if there will be a continuance of the tax rate in time for calculating the second half of property tax billings that are done in September and due by October 31st.


I want to congratulate all the Class of 2019 Graduates in High School, Community College, and University. May each of you find your own path in life that leads to many successes and the best of luck with your future endeavours. Be sure to have a Great Prom and a Safe Grad!


The creation of a new Porters Lake Business Improvement District (BID) would enable those commercial properties within its proposed boundary area to self-assess a levy that can be used to better promote and enhance their area. A total of 14  commercial properties are currently  located  within  the proposed BID area from Stella Drive to Alps Road along Highway #7. The proposed District Area Rate is 0.10¢ per $100 of assessed commercial property value, with a Minimum Levy of $300 and a Maximum Levy of

$3,000 that would generate approximately $10,455.00 per year. There will be a public information meeting for those businesses on Wednesday, June 12th – 6:30 PM at the Lake & Shore Community Centre and their reply via secret ballot is due by Friday, June 21st – 4PM.